1000 V4 Multistrada

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Steviegtr, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Anyone put a deposit down yet on the 2019 V4 multistrada. They wanted 25% down payment. But hey just had to do it.
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  2. They needed your money to help fund the R&D
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  3. God your quick off the mark tonight. Just thought I,d do an early April fool. :weary_face:
  4. Actually it will come.
  5. We've got an Early April fool on here, thinks it's spring already :eyes:
  6. Hey el toro have you heard the v4 at full chat. It sounds soo nice. People would buy one just for the sound even if it handled like a dog.
  7. Must've seen you coming in carrying an oversized wallet. ;-)
  8. V4 MTS number plate for sale £10,000 :innocent::yum
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  9. Good god man will you do anything without seeing a profit. Apart from suckstarting a Harley
  10. It isn't available, I checked :mad:
  11. I wonder if it will have a back brake?
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  12. The Multi does have a back brake but you are only allowed to use it if a Ducati technition is present as it is considered too powerful for ordinary riders.
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  13. If MCN is to be believed, the next bike to get the V4 WILL be the Multi. If it comes with EC Öhlins, I’m in. Jail, probably.
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  14. Not envious as I'm getting regular 370 mile tank range from my enduro 33litre tank. However I'd be interested to see an enduro going V4 also & the spec & real world fuel range.
  15. I doubt the multi will get the v4 next year, since the 1260 is a new model.
    It could get it in 2020 though, as I expect it will end up in a lot more than just the superbike.

    Richard, I doubt they will go back to adjustable ohlins either, which is a shame, but wouldn't put me off buying one.
  16. It will be the Enduro first...premium touring missile.
  17. I dont think I would like V4...I like the sound testastreta
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  18. Honda transferred the v4 from the vfr1200 over to their large adventure bike the vfr1200x cross tourer, it hasn't done that well sales wise.