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V4 Streetfighter?

Discussion in 'Streetfighter' started by duke63, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Wonder if some of the V4 Panigale styling is with this in mind?

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  2. That looks pretty good.
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  3. Definitely going to happen. Probably about mid June 2019 I recon.
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  4. Yes please!
  5. Full power mind. None of this poofy 160 bhp nonsense just because it hasn't got a fairing.
  6. Won't be built, however much a few people would like it to happen.

    The 848 / 1098 Streetfighter didn't sell well enough for Ducati to try a similar recipe with the Panigale, the same should hold for the V4. A V4 Streetfighter would be too expensive compared to its rivals, which was the original Streetfighter S's problem.
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  7. Street fighters don't sell. Sportsbikes and scramblers do.
  8. Agreed, there are only a few enlightened souls around and plenty of sheep that follow trends. :innocent:
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  9. Other brands seem to be able to shift a profitable number of streetfighters so try again I would say, without the bundle of expensive plastics they might get it on the road for a tuono price!
  10. Or it could be said that a lot of Ducati's customer base have impeccable taste and a few "souls" are mentally unhinged and really should buy Kawasaki :)
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  11. The Ducati Streetfighter didn’t sell but the “super naked” category seems to be thriving. I think the Streetfighter was a case of bad timing.

    With regards to full power, I would hope they take the same approach as Aprilia. The Tuono makes a much better road bike.

    That picture is a little bit too much like a Pani with a Z1000 headlight bolted on for my liking. Still, I hope/wish they would pull the trigger.
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  12. Those plastics may be expensive to buy when you drop your superbike, but cost buttons to produce.

    The problem with the cost of producing the Streetfighter is the exotic engine, suspension, electronics, frame et al.
  13. That could be said, but it would be incorrect. :yum
  14. I don't think that a statement coming from one of the "unhinged" means a great deal ;)
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  15. Baaaaaaaa :)

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  16. Looks so much better than the donor bike.
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  17. O
    or it could be said that Ducati likes it that their customers buy full fairing bikes and then track it and ride it whilst thinking they got foggy’s riding ability? it works real good for parts sale lol
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  18. Agreed :D
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  19. C8788A4F-8A0C-4B54-AAE5-39CFAE2EB565.jpeg
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