V4 Tyre Sizes?

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  1. I'll need a new set of tyres half way through my Almeria trip but thinking about maybe getting something different from Supercorsa's and going for some Dunlops for a bit more longevity. Anyone done this, any reccomendations etc?

    Also, I know it has a calibration option for the tyres so I'm assuming it shouldn't be a problem dropping the profile to a 55?
  2. Been thinking of either the GP Racer D212 (is this road legal?!) or the Sportsmart TT (if the 212 isn't road legal)
  3. D212 were road-legal last time I used them. I much preferred them to the OEM Supercorsas on my 1299S. They offered more grip than I could ever use (even on track) with the added benefits of better consistency over their lifetime. Supercorsas have been known to “fall off a cliff” as they get near the end of their lives.
  4. Exactly what I've heard from many people so thought about giving them a go. Plus I can always swap back. Just want to make sure there's no TC / ABS issues with the smaller tyre profile on the back.
  5. Don’t see why it would be a problem, do the recalibration after the tyre is fitted and it’ll be good to go.
  6. If you want a road legal tyre, try the Metzeler Racetech RR. The earlier version used to be the control tyre for the BSB 1000 Superstock bikes. I run them on my 1098R and really like them. Andy
  7. From what I've been told:

    Supercorsa - superior grip but high wear rate and drop off
    Metzeler - a bit less grip but longer life and slower drop off
    Dunlop - supercorsa grip, metzeler life & drop off

    That's why I'm airing towards giving the dunlops a go.
  8. You also need to consider profile as well. From my experience the Metzeler has a rounded profile that gives you a smooth lean. The Dunlop has a steeper profile that tips you into the corner. I prefer the Metzeler. Andy
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  9. I run the Metzeler racetec RR on my track bike, cracking tyres, work really well.
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  10. The Metz rr is the same tyre with a different thread pattern as the supercorsa.

    The road compound is the k3 which is essentially a supercorsa SP.

    The race compounds are k1/k2 for Metz and sc1 and sc2 for Pirelli. They are dot approved like the k3 and Sp but they won’t last 5 seconds on the road. Especially the softer of the compounds.

    I would avoid Pirelli or Metz treaded as a track tyre as they’re not at their best for very long at all. Around 10 fast laps and they’re ‘past it’
  11. Coming back to CS ever mate?! Shocked you left.

    What tyres would you recommend, Dunlops a good choice? I still need to be road legal and not bothered about slicks. Pace wise I'm just breaking into the fast groups on most trackdays.
  12. Ah didn’t know you were on here buddy, how’re you doing?

    Erm, unsure if honest. There was a fair bit of moaning when I was last on CS ha ha!

    Is it just for track or track and road bud?
  13. All good, you?

    Both, but want to do maybe 15+ days this year and then some sunny day rides in between so need it to be road legal in between. Don't think I'm fast enough for slicks to be honest anyway!
  14. Clearly your 10 fast laps are a lot faster and more aggressive than mine. The Metzeler RR K3 will last 3 days open pit lane at Cartagena or Almeria on my 1098R, lapping around 2 minutes. Andy
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  15. Of course you're fast enough. If it's track only, slicks all the way. You'll need warmers though :):upyeah:
  16. I've got warmers, and I want to keep the bike road legal as I don't want the hassle of swapping tyres and or wheels around all the time. At the end of this year I was doing just under 1.50's at Donington on my S1000RR, The new bike should be worth of a few seconds improvement pretty quickly I hope but there's still a way to go on road tyres before slicks would be needed apparently.

    Had a long chat with a dunlop guy at the bike show and he said it's not worth going to slicks until road tyres are past their capabilities on every lap, nd I'm nowhere near that level, probably never will be!
  17. My Dunlop d211 tyres are due for renewing after 3 years, other than being slightly hard now there still in great condition
  18. Well I'd say Mr Dunlop Man's talking out his arse. A warm slick offers significantly higher grip levels. A slick will allow you to paper over the cracks. If you make a mistake on track like go in too hot or brake too late, too quick on the gas on exit, the extra grip you have with a slick will perhaps get you out the shit. That's my theory anyway :p

    That said, a lot of road tyres nowadays are impressively grippy. I used a set of Super Corsa's on my 1098R track bike and had no drama at all at my pace (I'm not super quick btw). Also, if I used my bike on the road like yourself, I wouldn't bother with slicks either. Too much of a faff swapping back and forth. But a track only bike- slicks.
  19. If you go slicks, go vo2’s!!!!

    Give Bob at FWR a bell
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  20. Best option would be run a spare set of wheels for road riding... 100% slicks all the way for track use! Especially with the amount your looking at doing. And a decent set of warmers.
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