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V4 V4r Superleggera

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Chillo, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. Had my dealer call me last week about this, I put a deposit down earlier this year.

    Not much details other than 152ish kg, full carbon everything, 231hp motor very similar to the current v4r.
    2 package options available:
    1) £90k with track time at Imola with the WSBK team on a full WSBK spec v4r
    2) £110k with track time at Imola with the Moto GP team on a full spec Desmosedici GP
    Both ride packages subject to strict medical.

    £5k to get your name onto list for Ducati to approve, another £13k if they deem you 'worthy' etc blah blah blah!

    Deliveries start Summer 2020, wasn't expecting a call for another year tbh!
    Strong money! but lets see what the track time packages consist off.
    World wide production run is 500 numbered bikes.
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  2. I'll get my coat........
  3. Stupid money!!
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  4. 110K.. Fark me....
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  5. Awesome though, the GP bike ride is a priceless thing! Would be amazing.

    bet it’s nowhere near 230 brake on the dyno knowing Ducati. The v4’s are sub 190 as are the R’s on reliable dynos. That 231 will be at the crank and I reckon more like 205 ish absolute tops. It’ll still fly at those weigh figures mind !
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  6. If you've got the money to blow, do it. Riding with the full MotoGP team on a full-spec MotoGP bike would be an incredible, once in a lifetime experience! Might make the street bike feel a bit slow/underbraked tho'!
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  7. Holy shit o_O

    Can't they just sell the bike at a price without the hidden costs of the bells and whistles?
  8. No it’s not. It’s £110k. :)
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  9. I bet you couldn’t approach Corse with 110k and buy a ride on one
  10. To be honest I think there are far more worthwhile things I could spend £110k on.
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  11. Plus you get a free bike
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  12. To be honest I know there are loads of other things I would spend £110k on.
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  13. Oh for sure. But if you’ve got 110k to throw down on a bike you probably won’t care too much
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  14. That's my issue though, what's the bike worth?

    It isn't £110k and it isn't £90k, the point being that it's obvious that the £20k uplift between the two packages goes towards the Moto gp experience, so I'm wondering how much goes to the wsbk experience.

    Come resale time those experiences aren't worth anything as they've gone
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  15. If I was double minted I'd buy one and wobble around the novices screaming 'I'm considerably ricer than yow!' ...:D
    #16 Nelson, Nov 20, 2019
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  16. So taking into account the 'Shefield' exchange rate a zero miles one will be 130k & include a spin on the London Eye wearing your race leathers and a bemused smile:D
    You've got to hand it to Ducati's marketing team though.
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  17. I wonder what the fee is for binning the Desmosedici o_O
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  18. Horses head shaped hot water bottle probably:cool:
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  19. Wow what an experience though getting on a GP bike?
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