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For Sale V4s

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by ginge46, Aug 12, 2019.

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  2. If she’s going to a good home to someone here I’ll take 18k

    Cheers Dan
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  3. Very fair price bud. Undercut the cheapest one by 500 quid and it's got 1.5k more miles.
    Should go this
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  4. I know How you feel as well, just sold My 899 to pay the fucking stamp duty on my second property. Worth it in the long haul.
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  5. Thanks bondy :upyeah:
  6. GLWS
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  7. Well there's a first world complaint
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  8. GLWS mate, also buying a house at the mo which is putting my R1 on hold, sucks haha
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  9. Don't do it!!! Took me 9 years to buy a bike again after the whole house & kids thing. Then a further gap when funding other housey stuff. I feel your pain bud :sob:
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  10. I wish I didn’t have to but with the stupid way they do mortgages now I have to get rid of as much as possible, stupid thing is once it’s approved I can buy another one which is frustrating
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  11. If you’ve got it on finance, yeah that’ll be an issue when they’re working out the “any other commitments” section. Hope it’s a short break!
  12. Had a chat with your local Duc dealership?
  13. I’m looking for one but this has come a little too soon. If it’s available in a few weeks time I may be able to do a deal with you.

  14. No worries let me know when your ready
  15. I did they offered £16k
  16. Buggers
  17. Times are hard and we're going into the off season grab the money on the table & run:thinkingface:
  18. Ruthless that. Surely someone put there for the asking price. I'd hang on another few weeks. Christ if you let it go for 16k I'll consider it lol.
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