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Vertical Cylinder Leak

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Andii77, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. looks like theres a little blow out of oily mist coming from the vertical cylinder, clean it regular but every few days its as black as boot polish again........anyone know where to get base gaskets for early 750 (96) monsters?
  2. It usually means the little O-ring in the oil gallery junction has squirmed/distorted sadly, far more common on 900 versions.
  3. Agree, I believe the bottom gasket is not a gasket and just a spacer, some say a bit of RTV is good to keep them tight but the o ring will need sorted
  4. it is controversial and it's always each to their own, but those barrel/crankcase faces do love to squirm and so wouldn't put anything containing silicone there myself.
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  5. I use threebond, on both sides of the gasket (shim) on M900 & 916 - no leaks but I doubt much would pass through without. The 'O' ring is a likely leak source though (assuming same design as M900).

    As an aside the 916 also has a' 'O' ring in there even though that oil gallery leads nowhere (due to sharing the same crankcase design but having external head oil feeds) - I plugged the hole with a grubscrew/loctite to properly seal it after it did indeed leak.
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  6. 7EA93B64-88AE-4164-BABF-C02411DC28B5.jpeg

    Item 5:– ‘O’ ring part number 93823.2037
    more than just “likely” I would say..
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