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Featured Volunteering - Covid19

Discussion in 'The Coronavirus Section' started by Advikaz, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. I’ve decided to volunteer as I’m young fit and able.

    info here for those interested;

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  2. I registered earlier
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  3. Just signed up. Been scouring local Facebook shit to see where I can help out but this is perfect, thanks for putting it up.
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  4. Well done you guys. Excellent stuff.

    I wish I could but my Mrs needs me so I’m full time looking after her.

    If I got it it’d probably wipe me out anyway.
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  5. I registered this afternoon, has anyone who’s recently registered been accepted on the Goodsam app yet?
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  6. I've volunteered to do teary blogs for the telly, due to using the last of the loo roll and someone has more than I do.
  7. I deactivated Facebook. Tired of people at the moment to be honest :weary_face:
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  8. Well you’ll be a heap of help to the covid 19 volunteer cause :joy:
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  9. I take my hat off to you guys for signing up, well done you, I’m proud of you as I’m sure the remainder of the DF is..

    I think it’s a great idea...

    Trust me I would luv to join in too, however I’ve not opened the front door of Noodle Towers since Friday, I’m on a 12 week stay at home Isolation period myself... X
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  10. done - might put the van to good use while it's sitting idle too.
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  11. The issue with a lot of these FB groups is that they are not registered to do anything legit for the NHS, so now we are in lockdown a lot of those groups will be not be recognised if your stopped when your out and about - registering and DBS checked is far better.
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  12. Still working from home, already volunteer at the local food bank and also helping at least one neighbour so far with shopping so can't really fit this in as well.
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  13. I know they need aspirators or is it respirators. Anyway years ago I knicked the ball bearings from my dad's iron lung. Don't know why he croaked. But I have a load spare if it helps.
  14. Signed up as a transport driver. How many grannies can I fit on a tuono?
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  15. :worried: :)

    I gave my mobile number to an old guy living on his own opposite, and I've been picking up shopping for a few people who are working etc. My business employs Key workers and won't be completely closing its doors it's a juggling act. The (ex) father in Law has shut his business in Sussex and moved in with my ex and is looking after the childern.
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  16. This is very true, but is even more widespread than FB volunteer groups. I signed up for the blood bikes last week along with a half dozen other
    local lads. We can't get into rota until we have completed all the due diligence checks and training that apply in the normal day to day operation.
    As the existing volunteers are starting to fall by the wayside with self isolation etc, the group are struggling to even keep the network functioning.
    There is no spare time to assess new volunteers riding/driving etc and so the numbers continue to fall, yet the new volunteers can not be activated.
    The next scheduled recruit induction process is now over a month away. :-(
    At some point, exemptions will need to be made, but I guess this will have to be decided at government levels.
  17. I see the real Carl Fogarty has signed up.
  18. About to do the same. Reasonable people being even worse than they were about brexit! And I didn’t think that possible! And not sure I can take another hypocritical post telling everyone what to do...
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  19. I said same to wife as she is because it me. But there are different categories of help and can be done from in isolation :upyeah:
  20. desperate times call for desperate measures. You’d think they would be able to asses on experience and knowledge and cut the red tape with (at most) license and dbs check.
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