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Featured Volunteering - Covid19

Discussion in 'The Coronavirus Section' started by Advikaz, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. I've asked my local blood bikers if they need any help. Waiting for a reply.
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  2. Did the same thing over a year ago for the same reason. Definitely one of my better moves. The last GE and now this CV-19 would have done my nut in!
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  3. I signed up with the royal volunteer service last night I’m awaiting some direction or acceptance I have a bloody big van that can be utilised somehow
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  4. Nice to see some community spirit going on :):upyeah:
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  5. A big massive thank you from me
    Again this forum has amazing people in it

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  6. yeah, better let the police do it
  7. I have had a confirmation from Goodsam this morning, at the minute I am ‘on duty’
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  8. and what will that involve ?
  9. I volunteered for driving so delivering shopping, prescriptions, taking people to appointments etc
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  10. So does that mean they've confirmed you'll be doing all the bits you volunteered for? or do they just inform you of the bits they need you to cover?

    Also I presume it's a local territory you're assigned?
  11. Still waiting my approval, guess the system must be overwhelmed with the number of applicants.
    Or my police check has thrown up some questions :thinkingface::thinkingface::thinkingface:
  12. Basically you have to download the APP and log in then you have several choices of things to turn on and off , the main one being if you are off or on duty. It shows a map of where you are, there a are quite a few others in my area.
    As I haven’t actually done anything yet I’m not sure of exact procedures.
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