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Featured Vulturbike Decals Multistrada Dvt

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Babbsy14, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. Good morning to all ducati forum members. Hope you are all okay.
    Just finished my project fitting decals and wanted to know what you all think?.

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  2. Nice. Welcome
  3. Chain looks a bit tight to me :bucktooth:
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  4. Thanks. Worth the effort.
  5. Thanks for noticing .I will check it. Only done 100miles since service at Ducati Notts.
  6. Change of subject a little...... nice trolley, is the bike just balanced on it by the front wheel??
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  7. Welcome Babbsy :):upyeah:
  8. Nice. A better job than I did of mine by the looks of it
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  9. Hi. Yes the bike holds on the front wheel then i put it in gear it stays rock solid.
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  10. Yours looks great too. It is a tricky job in admit.
  11. Thanks. Nice to meet you.
  12. especially as the instructions were worse than an Ikea build your own instructions that had been printed by a pissed guy in China!
  13. I think both those bikes look brilliant.
    I fitted some Vulturbike graphics on my own and I know that although it's not exactly hard - its not easy either. Especially fiddly on double curves where care and a hairdryer is a must.
    What instructions tho lol - mine came with nothing other than a plastic bag :)

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  14. I think that looks great . Someone very soon will be mentioning why there are no dustbins in shot, it’s our tradition.
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  15. Well on my photo, there would be if I stood up a bit, the grey bin is in front of my daughters car and hidden by my bike :D
  16. You have a bin in your photo: 1 series BMW :p
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  17. It aint mine lol. Although on the grounds of digging a deeper hole, I refuse to admit having two Peugeots ... ;)
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  18. Nice one, welcome to the forum
  19. Great job there. It's TRUE the email gave brief instructions but said use a reccomend wrapping company if unsure. I used panel de-greaser then soap/water mix spray on panel and sticker. Lined up the best then squeeged (if that's a word) part then heat. The front peel off vinyl removed as I went along. Sorry if I'm boring you now.
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  20. Lol. I moved it before the photo.
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