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Wanted 916 Swingarm

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Gordon McMillan, Dec 4, 2019.

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  1. Hi Guys any good swingarms out there , must be nice and grey, thanks.
  2. @Exige has got a spare one I think :thinkingface:
  3. I have a black one only, was going to make a wall mounted swivel table out of it o_O
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  4. Thanks Guys, I have seen that one on e bay, I don't need the hub etc and it is a bit pricey.
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  5. Hi Gordon, I’ve got a grey swing arm without the rear hub.

    I can get some photos for you when I’m home on Sunday?
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  6. That would be great, I've got a rear hub anyway,thanks
  7. Yes I’ve shot one in excellent condition
    I’ve got this one if you’re still looking. great condition, been in my garage since 2002. It came off my new bike when I fitted a mag arm.
  8. 86360EF2-199E-4BC7-8A30-09435B103DB1.jpeg


  9. pm sent
  10. pm sent
  11. all sorted now thanks guys. @El Toro please close, thanks
  12. Closed thread :)
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