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Diavel Warning Light & Hazards

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by DangerMouseUK, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Went to have a ride today on the Diavel, the dash threw up an orange warning symbol which is apparently a generic error and it also stuck the hazards on, turned it off and on a few times, no joy, took it for a drive around the block couldn't detect any issues, still no joy, have left it for now.

    Whats strange is I can't get into any menu features at all, none of the buttons seem to work, is that normal when that error light and the hazards come on?

    Am guessing it might have to go back to the dealers at one point which wouldn't be cool, but oh well!


    Picture of warning (hazards were also on but didn't grab that in picture);
  2. To come full circle on this one;

    As the only thing I'd done before I'd got the warning lights was have a look under the seat at the toolkit, I had a rummage under there until I gave the connector pictured a tweak and the hazards turned off as did the warning light.

    Took it out for a spin, cruise control didn't work so I thought I'd recalibrate the tyres - then cruise control worked so all back to normal.

    Any idea how taking the seat off caused it to stop working and also for cruise control to give up? Or could it be something to do with me moving the bike about 20cm forward with the security chain still through the back wheel so I could stand it on ground a bit more upright? Can't say either thing has ever affected a bike I've owned before but there you go.

    Either way I guess when it goes in there will be an error code just glad to have got it cleared.

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