V4 Warning Light

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  1. have had this light come on twice bottom left then disappear for weeks now come on again today all oil fluid levels are good bikes running like a dream

  2. Should have logged a fault code if you can read it
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  3. If it’s like the multi, and you can’t see any codes thru the menu, it’s back to dealer to find out what code it is. On my old 848 evo, I saw it quite often and was the flapper valve, same as multi. So ignition off/on it often cleared.
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  4. booked into ducati Glasgow tomorrow needs 3 recalls done as well not happy
  5. Mine threw the light up the other day, had it in to the dealers on Friday afternoon, exhaust servo cables adjusted and ecu updated to evo2. All is good again.:upyeah:
  6. Yup. My bet is exhaust servo cables (becoming a bit of a banker this one).
  7. Oooooo, trip 2, 1198. It's a sign:eyes:
  8. Don’t believe it. It’s also showing outside air temp at 20 degrees..... in Glasgow??!!
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  10. think it is dazzx