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1260 Warped Discs?

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Gaz Jones, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Hi all,
    Done just 200 odd miles on my 1260S and both front discs confirmed as being warped by the dealer performing a run-out test. I could feel pulsing at low speeds whilst braking. They are to be replaced under warranty, at some point in the future......

    Anyone else experienced this?

  2. Not on my Ducati but I did on my Kawasaki 1400 GTR, I had to keep rotating the brake disk bobbins about every two weeks to ensure they remained clean and free to spin, that sorted it. I had a nut and bolt through the middle and spun them round while spraying brake cleaner onto them, went 30k miles after that no hassle.
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  3. I have a very slight pulse on my 1260 brakes as well. I'll have them checked in when I get the bikes out of storage.
    BTW, the M50 discs on my 2016 M1200R had to be replaced as well.
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  4. I had the front discs replaced on my DVT (cant remember the mileage but it was low about 5K miles) but after 23k Miles the 1260 discs are fine no problems at all - and very effective!
    Old stock discs?
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  5. They all do that sir! Was what I was told!
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  6. Both my 1200 DVT and my current 1260 had 2 sets of discs replaced under warranty, strangely in each case the 3rd set lasted well over 12k miles :thinkingface:.
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  7. Had it happen on both 1200 pre DVT and 1200 dvt, replaced under warranty.
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  8. Were all sets genuine ducati? I ask because I wonder if the 3rd set were an updated set or ducati just gave up and started using aftermarket rather than their own?
  9. Yes, all sets were genuine Ducati Brembo and as far as I'm aware exactly the same parts, I'm sure they are the same discs currently being fitted as oem.
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  10. Yep, same. I have the 1200dvt 2016 from new. Warped discs at 10k. Replaced under warranty even though it was out of warranty (great main dealer support!) .
    The bikes now done 19K and it’s there again, picked up on the MOT. A slight pulse at very low speed, but not bad enough to fail the MOT.
    The next set will be aftermarket and not OEM.
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  11. The DVT discs on the 1200/1260 are weak point according to my dealer who said the disc bobbins need regular maintenance eg they clag up with road crud. I'd said they were warped but they said no.....still power there but everyone and again they do make me think they're out of balance.
  12. Reading these comments is making me think I may had warped disks as when I push the bike around there is a squeak when the certain part of the disk & pads meet, I thought it was just lack of use as my bike has only done 1700 miles
  13. Check your bobbins. You should be able to slightly rotate the disc backwards and forwards in the direction of travel. No big issue to free them up if your disc doesn’t move. Andy
  14. That’s what I first noticed with mine.
  15. The OEM Ducati Brembo discs are built to a price point. When comparing to the Series 1 Brembo replacement you can clearly see the considerable difference in metal to absorb heat.

    Best upgrade ever.

  16. Sometimes caused by surface contamintion, a little rub down of the discs with 140 /160 wet & dry on a block I find helps reduce the pulsing. easily achieved, no need to remove the wheel / disc. Also as above check the bobbins are free.

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