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Was Supposed To Pop My Racing Cherry This Weekend , But "computer Says No"

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Zhed46, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. Pretty gutted...

    I was supposed to be racing this.... Bandit Cafe Side.jpeg

    In this...https://thebikeshed.cc/bike-shed-festival-2019/

    But then, "I.T.”...

    Completed all the right forms and whatnot, got a provisional grid slot and then was awaiting an email with another form to complete the process. The form never arrived. Wednesday just gone I was getting a bit concerned that they were cutting it a bit fine as it is this weekend, so I searched my email and there it was in my spam folder. Filled it in, but then when I spoke to them on Thursday about camping, I was told that my name wasn't on the list as I had missed the deadline.

    Long story short - favours were called in, strings were pulled, but despite the best efforts of the organisers to try and fit me in another class/race, nothing could be done.

    If anyone else on here is doing this event, then I'm velly jelly but all the very best of luck!
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  2. It is not raining in any of those pictures!
  3. Bit disappointing for you Z ol' boy.
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  4. Lol, true. Are you there now?

    Rain is forecast for Sunday, so maybe it’s an omen and my guardian angel is protecting me, because on reflection, 20 terrified mostly novice racers ripped to the tits on testosterone, tearing into the first corner of a wet track 5 abreast doesn’t actually sound like the brightest of ideas. :astonished::laughing:
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  5. I do from time to time, but fek me you take some steering dude :p
  6. Not a chance, I am tucked up in front of the fire high up in the alps. I was on Bishopsgate for a meeting last Wednesday and got absolutely drowned. That was enough for me!
  7. That’s a shame Zhed as that looks a right giggle, I’d love to have a go.
    Everything happens for a reason....I think..
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  8. Bloody computers...they’re the way of the future!
    Bit disappointing for you, bummer.
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  9. Yeah. I’ve been looking at photos of it on their social media today like that kid with strict parents everyone knew when they were young, who wasn’t allowed to play out with the other children :pensive:
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  10. them over zealous spam filters again, had several similar near-misses. Hope you make it for next year/how early can you apply for 2020! :upyeah:
  11. Double gutted as I just saw some pics on Instagram which seem to show that the grid was half-empty, probably due to the rain causing a few entrants to change their minds.

    I don’t know when they’ll announce next years but I’ll definitely enter. I had to sit out the inaugural race last year as I only found out about it shortly before the event but my bike had a problem with the carbs and a seized piston in a front calliper. Third time lucky 2020....
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  12. Bandit racing?
  13. Cafe Racer Cup.

    They also ran other races for other types of bike and some off-road mucking about as well.
  14. Ah - myself and a couple of mates where think of having ago a summat - Maybe 600 bandidos .

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