1199 Water Pump Gears Warning

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  1. Preparing the bike for the track I was bothered by a small coating of oil around the bottom front of the timing cover, I dont use the bike much and it was nothing much but I didn't want to go on the track with it just in case, so to start the job drain the oil, as the oil is brand new the kitchen saucepan was the best for cleanness, found bits, light brown plastic, l figured thats the gears for the water pump, anyway got the cover off and the idle gear to the water pump has started to disintegrate, looks to me that the teeth have no substance behind them, so when the skin breaks thats it.
    This bike has about 4k miles on it its 2012 reg in 13, lucky for me I found a oil leak that bothered me, if the gear fully went the pump would stop and with the Pani there is no time to stop a catastrophic overheat and seize up, problem is oil change times are quiet long and as I said this is new oil and when I drained it 10 miles ago there was nothing in the oil, only way to check this is to remove the timing cover and look, but see the photos it cannot be just one has this problem.
    Also there is normally a reason for this stuff to fail, but this is just bad quality, pump is fine, water pump gear is fine just this idle gear failed.



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  2. Oh dear :oops:

    Atleast you found it before it made a bigger mess though!
  3. Can you imagine that going on the straight of the Red bull ring, dont think I would get to write this!
  4. I remember seeing the Pani engine when it first can out on a stand at the NEC cut away showing the gear driven cams etc and saw these plastic cogs and thought will they stand up to the forces being put through them, I thought well Ducati has done 1000's of miles testing so they must be fine... Hmmm