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What’s This Likely To Be Worth..

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by doogalman, May 27, 2022.

  1. F5FFB4FC-CAE7-439C-9DC9-92C15AD946AF.jpeg 857DBB50-BC64-4ED7-BD71-1E20BBF2B8CD.jpeg 1226D6E8-A8B3-40B3-93EC-3AE57187A2B4.jpeg 336D571D-FF67-46AD-AF40-52B84D021F7C.jpeg DB888A01-5771-43AD-AB0F-8619775B7149.jpeg 22148E2C-61E4-4156-8BFF-F3C0737BEA1F.jpeg CCFAE4DA-28B7-4081-9457-5A9C019BA713.jpeg So I was asked to look at a bike for a friend. The bike in question is a 1988 v-max. It has been stored in a ropey old shed since the owner died (non bike related). It was last Mot’d in 2018, then the elements have had a field day with it. I have no idea if it runs but was assured it was running when put away.
    I am not in a position to buy it but it would make a great project if someone was. but the guy asked by the family is after some idea of value so he can try and get the family whatever he can for it.
    Any ideas to value.
  2. I'm lost for words. The bike in rideable condition isn't worth much. I cannot see any value in trying to put it back together, it just isn't worth it. Andy
  3. Im no expert but i would say zero, in order to have a legally binding contract (offer, acceptance, consideration) i would say £200. Its a money pit.

    I may be wrong, just my tuppence. No offence to anyone interested or OP
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  4. No offense taken. Just after ideas?
    If I had somewhere to store it I would probably be up for the challenge if it was of next to no value.
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  5. You could probably double the value if he throws in the crash helmet.
  6. Old bikes without a following are worth nothing to most people. Nostalgia drives the market 100%.

    Could be an interesting project if someone really wanted one, but IIRC hardly anybody wanted one back in the day, so supply and demand rule says it should be given to the first person who agrees to remove it for free -no returns accepted! Whoever that person is needs to have buckets of cash and shitloads of patience.
  7. Probably get more breaking it for spares?

    Are there any V-max forums? You could advertise it for spares or repair??
  8. If you give him £5 he’s done well.
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  9. Not sure I'm aloud to post links to other forums but if you Google v max forum, there is one, with a for sale section. You could gauge opinion there.

    Some would have it just for spares or a parts bin for another project
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