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What Are The Truly Rare Ducati’s

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Symon Moore, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. I was at the Italian day show at Bridgnorth yesterday, plenty of Ducati there & I've seen similar displays before. You see Darmahs, MHR’s, 851s & it derivatives, all the SS ranges, 916 (et al) 1x98’s, 999/749s & obviously all the newer stuff but I haven’t seen either a Pantah or a Desmosedici in the flesh for years. I know Rob has a Desmo & rides it but does everyone else just have them in their living rooms & where are all the Pantahs? Just got me thinking!
  2. Nobody on here could possibly have a bike in their living room, surely. :eyes:
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  3. 1198R (currently still on my shopping list, despite a few false starts) I have never seen one.
    955 Corse (sold mine in 1998) I haven’t seen another since.

    I don’t know a thing about the pre-Tamburini bikes.
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  4. There are a number of UK Desmosedicis being ridden on tracks all across europe by the owners but they never see the roads, they just get shipped from one circuit to the next and used as God intended, they still sound thunderous :)
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  5. Rarest of the rare modern (ish) era, the 1198 R Corse. Less than 5 sold in the UK and I’m sure my memory is right, one owner is a forum member, just can’t remember who. Andy
  6. Perhaps a member on here could compile a list and we tick the appropriate boxes what we have tucked away for that rainy day:thinkingface:
  7. Of course, that explains a lot!
  8. @yev
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  9. 2nd on the list of modern rarities shipped to the UK is perhaps the 999R Fila at 200 (or 201) unless you know different :bucktooth:
  10. I have to admit to having three Pantahs, the ice-blue with red and blue flashes types.
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  11. Panigale Anniversairo 35 shipped to the uk, 500 worldwide and the same numbers for the V4 916 foggy.
  12. 20171117_155639.jpg
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  13. That’s out & out greedy dude! That was my dream bike back in the day. Hope at least one of them gets ridden :)
  14. 998 Final Edition monoposto UK red 2004 - 57
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  15. Of the bevels, the 750 roundcase twins are much rarer (and dearer) than the squarecases.
    Of the Pantahs, F1 are rarer than ordinary 350/400/500/600/650 SLs and the Monjuich, Laguna Seca, and SantaMonica versions are especially sought after.
    Of the single bevels, the desmos are quite rare (most singles were valvespring), and the works racing versions are extra scarce.
    Of the 21st century models, the Sport Classics are pretty rare especially the Paul Smart FE.
    If you want to go into the really rare, sought after models, consider the 1974 750SS "greenframe"; or the 1994 550 Supermono.
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  16. Rarest Ducati is the modern one that doesn’t need a recall every 1000 miles.... :p
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  17. ..or a blown up engine :eyes:
  18. Pictures, or it's just a myth.
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  19. The ones that don’t break down
  20. Forget Ducatis. This IS rare.

    Yesterday i was fortunate to see and chat to the owner of this. He rides it and trackdays it. Top man.

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