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What Are You Watching......?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by XH558, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. My lad 16 only likes the first three releases, the final three of the main story he just finds a boring love story. But I see your point, I guess I’m just too involved in the original 3 as part of my youth and I’m blinded by it.
  2. Guessing he had to as Alec Guineas was who he ‘becomes’ and a broad Scot’s accent wouldn’t be right
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  3. I have no idea what you guys are watching. E1 was bad, ok, we’ll not the worst movie in history but not the best.

    I like that Star Wars has maintained its core ‘cred’: lightsabers, force, storm troopers, music score. Well, mostly. Sure it takes 6 episodes to tell what would be done in 20min on a film, but that’s almost every serious on Disney, Netflix, prime.
  4. About to start watching Man vs Bee on Netflix, with Rowan Atkinson
  5. Just starting season 3 of Stranger Things :)
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  6. The Clangers.

    Briefly. Alarms were raised by widescreen format... and high definition... and that wasn't Oliver Postgate, or even Michael Palin!

    In HD the Clangers look like they're knitted ffs.
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  7. Britain's nuclear power stations, it was Sellafield last night. The really disturbing thing for me is that the nasty stuff left over that's entombed in concrete blocks for future generations to clear up.
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  8. We’re watching Stars Wars honestly and critically and not as it seems some do that’s it’s brilliant because more Stars Wars can’t be bad. The acting in the series is possibly the worst ever from any of the Star Wars material. 6 episodes is possibly 6 hours of footage so there’s an argument for just a condensed 2 hour film.

    Stars Wars has to keep the sabres, blasters, Jedi, Sith and stormtroopers as they’re part of the story.
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  9. And mostly they are. Wasn’t sure with Fett but it got better… it’s made for mainstream rather than Star Wars fans imho which is why it’s become Disney-diverse but enough of that core elements to keep me watching
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  10. Stars is still going? I watched the first movie & some of the second. Did the bloke with asthma ever get an inhaler?
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  11. I watched most of The Mandalorian and Obi....It's cheap and nasty IMO.
    Compare it to say Life after Life, ok no blasters or sabers, however it has decent sets and superb actors and actresses. I can see how it wont appeal to the short attention span masses....:D
  12. Started the 4th season of Stranger Things last night. And seeing as the weather is a bit shit atm, I’ll probably finish it all this afternoon :)
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  13. How was it?
  14. It’s ok. Just two more episodes to go…….but they’re not released until Friday and I’ll be on my way to Scotland for the weekend so I’ll not see them till next Tuesday at the earliest :)
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  15. Westworld Season 4 just started.

    Watched the last episode of Series 3 as a reminder.
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  16. Just started watching Rowan Atkinson in Man vs Bee. It’s just Mr Bean with a narrative. I’ll watch the first one but based on what I’ve seen so far I don’t think I’ll be watching any more.
  17. Skip that…..it’s shit. Couldn’t even watch the first 15 mins of 20.
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  18. Can’t bring myself to watch it, as the last 2 series have been confusing shite with ridiculous endings
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  19. Yeah, was crap. I’d had a bottle of wine with lunch, so it was good to fall asleep to.
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  20. Delores is good, probably the main attraction.

    It is a bit heavy going and one episode a week is about all I can manage. I think it would be better if it had space ships and monsters though.
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