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What Are You Watching......?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by XH558, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Always thought he was dodgy, sadly though he doesn’t travel any longer as he knocking on a bit.
  2. Sticking to the number alive today and not all, say since the Industrial Revolution, when modern day pollution kicked off.
    8 billion humans are making the planet greener?
    Interesting idea.

  3. NASA. Innit.
  4. Interesting vid.
    When you said greener you actually meant greener as in more leaf coverage, not in the broader sense of the word. Very small metric IMO when measuring the overall impact of humanity on the planet, which is what Attenborough and other naturalists get at. Aslo, green leaf coverage from palms and coffee plants is no substitute for rainforest.
  5. Bollox....can I take this post back :thinkingface:
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  6. Greener as in literally. There are now more crops being able to be grown in previously baron and desert like areas than ever before. Even though most of these shows concentrate on deforestation etc there are actually more trees.

    Not saying it’s by design: it clearly isn’t. But Mother Earth isn’t defenceless. She can, does, has and will protect herself against destructive species such as humans. It’s not the planet that will die: it’s the human race. In a thousand years.
  7. Can I hold you to that?
  8. Passenger
    Set in the fictional small Northern town of Chadder Vale, BAFTA award-winning Wunmi Mosaku plays Former Met Police Detective Riya Ajunwa as she investigates a series of strange crimes that have the townsfolk spinning on an axis, beginning with a local girl who mysteriously disappears, but then reappears 24 hours later. As a series of strange happenings and increasingly shocking crimes start unfolding within the town, Riya fights hard to convince the villagers that all is not as it seems.
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  9. Is it any good? Started trying to watch first episode but couldn’t get into it. Worth sticking with??
  10. As usual the devils' in the detail. I'd agare in the last couple of decades there have been some initiatives to plant trees to (apparently) offset carbon emissions . There's also a lot of cash crop single species plantations, none of the above are viable replacements for ancient diverse forests.
    What the naturalists are warning of is man's negative impact on the natural world, which is there for us all to see. If you really think Attenborough is some shill for the organisations you mention to stop you having fun, then go and take a walk along any beach and see for yourself. Or, check some youtube footage (including NASA) of the Pacific garbage patch.
    If the planet dies we die, if we die the planet will keep going, as it did before we arrived.
    That's probably enough on the topic on this thread.
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  11. 100%.
  12. Planet won’t die. We will. In 1000 years.
  13. I'll pop it in my calendar Nostradamus ;)
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  14. Yeah it’s a bit cheesy/soapy to start with but gets better. Stick with it.
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  15. Watched Road House on prime
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  16. “It’s all about the information Marty”
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  17. Binged ‘Coma’ last night. I thought it was a black comedy, apparently it wasn’t meant to be!
  18. A thumbs up 4 the late Patrick.:upyeah:
  19. I suspect it was the new film...Which is...:poop::poop::poop:
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  20. Tried watching Renegade Nell last night.
    Being Disney it ticks all the woke boxes...:rolleyes:
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