What Do You Think Of This Mv?

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by camelfarmer, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. I like them

    But it would have to be the tricolore one for me

    They’re a full jizz fest
  2. The 675 in particular does have something of a reputation of dropping valves. This is usual keyboard warrior stuff where a few seems to indicate that they'll all do it, the vocal minority as it were. The same three cylinder engine is used in the 800 range; F3, Brutale, Stradale, Turismo etc. (I have one of the latter). Track use and lots of high revs probably increase the chances of a valve letting go. I bought the Tursimo with no worries on this front.
  3. I’d find out where it was serviced & who supplied

    Can’t get the link to work!

    There were a few unscrupulous dealers about who are closed now

    My 800 has done 8k with no issue but you need good dealer back up
  4. My son has one, they were a bit prone to sprag clutch, my son bought his from a private seller two years ago and it's been faultless, he has it serviced at Bennetts of Barnsley.
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  5. I had one for two years as a track bike. Never missed a beat. That white one is good value, too.
  6. Does he want to sell it to me?
  7. I doubt it very much, he loves it, with the free revving engine and a quick shifter fitted it's a little rocket ship, the previous owner was meticulous with it's maintenance.
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  8. Isn't it about time he grew up and got a Honda?
  9. He was bought up right, having said that he has had two Honda's before the MV.
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  10. Looks nice . Seat cowl is a £300 extra and so is the steering damper .Love my 800 triple . Go for it .
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  11. Looks lovely CF, your lass is very lucky that you should treat her to such a beautiful pressie :upyeah:
  12. Pretty little bike
  13. She’s gonna have to get it for herself. I bought her current bike and car and I’m clean outta money.
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  14. Looks nice but personally I would go for a Triumph 675, it does everything better other than looks.
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  15. Shouldn't she be bare foot, pregnant and in the kitchen?
    Good god man, get a grip.
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  16. Mv or white 899 ??:thinkingface:
  17. On a different note, I have just read that this is the last year of MV F4 superbike production, there won't be a replacement!
  18. Too tall for her. The mv is the shortest seat height of all the sports bikes.
  19. Too tall and more expensive.