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1200 R What Dtc And Abs Levels Do You Ride With?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by dubcat, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. I've been playing with menus. My two favourite changes are to get the full display on sports mode so i can see time, trip 1 and air temp at the same time on screen and setting the background to black.

    I am going to assume everyone rides their bike with Engine Power set to High (why wouldn't you for normal riding conditions!?). What DTC and ABS setting do you use and why? What's the downside of using the highest levels?
  2. I ride with the Touring mode DTC and ABS settings whatever the defaults are, albeit I changed the power delivery to "High".
    My riding style hasn't triggered the DTC lights very often.
    The downside:
    Less ABS in slippery conditions and you may lock & lose the front resulting in a low side fall.
    Less TC and the rear wheel may spin, slide then suddenly grab potentially resulting in a high side get off.
    Here's a video with slow motion replay at the 0.49 mark:
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  3. @DarR I've also simply changed my touring mode to high engine power. My question is what’s the advantage of having lower DTC and ABS. Why not just amp those numbers up?
  4. A lower TC setting provides less engine cut-off resulting in faster lap times for high caliber riders who can handle a limited amount of slippage and pivot the bike on the rear tire. Even MotoGP bikes have TC.
    A lower (or zero) ABS setting would allow a high caliber rider to apply braking power more consistently and feel the tire's traction limits for more powerful braking where road conditions are known & stable such as a race track.
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  5. Why don’t you have them set to maximum?
  6. Because they interfere too much at maximum. I don't like too much ABS but I want some.
    Same with TC, I want the protection but not too much interference.
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  7. I just leave it in sport when the weather is good,if the weather was to change put it in touring and go easy on the throttle ,brakes.
  8. On my Ducatis with 'modes', I tend to ride in Sport mode with low interference from both TC and ABS. TC on the higher settings is almost unrideable, cutting in all the time.
  9. It's a well know statistical fact that most riders are not as good as what they think they are.
    When Allstate Insurance company conducted a survey:
    70% of the respondents rate themselves as "excellent" and way above average.
    Stated otherwise, two-thirds of riders think they're better than you.

    With all the crap we have to deal with on the streets, very few riders have the skills to avoid bailing when the tires lose traction.
    We're all Rossi's until that happens.
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  10. Well you'd have to be a bit of a dim wit to tell an insurance company you were a shite rider. Most people are bound to claim they're ace riders.
  11. That's the exactly the point and it's not just what they claim; they actually believe it.
    This is just one survey among many. Most are anonymous.
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  12. For track use, ABS as off as possible. I find the wheelie control pretty good, controls the power feed when the throttle's pinned. Traction control at 2. This is good too- I notice it lights up the dash when cranked right over and basically won't give any more power til you sit it up again. Clever stuff
  13. The monster r doesn’t have wheelie control or cornering abs/traction control does it?
  14. Full Race Mode. DTC at 2, EBC at 1, ABS I leave alone as I quite like that. Cant remember AWC.
  15. A divvent knaa... :thinkingface:
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  16. EBC ?
    Unlike the Panigale, my M1200R does not have Engine Braking Control.
    IMHO, EBC is overrated and just a gimmick to please those coming from a Japanese four cylinder.
    All it does is prevent the throttle from closing completely upon deceleration. Even then, the changes are minimal.
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  17. I disagree DarR. I came from an 1198 with a slipper and a 916 with a slipper. The EBC means I can dial out engine braking to simulate carrying greater corner entry speed. Engine braking was interfering with my corner approach. Dialling it down helps me greatly. It depends on your style. I like to carry corner speed.
  18. Perhaps on a larger engine than the Panigale 959 it makes a difference on the track.
    I only commented on the topic because this is a Monster 1200R thread and the bike does not have that EBC feature.
  19. I think it does?? Be amazed if not, every other ducati has most of that.

    DTC down to 1, AbS off or 1, wheelie control 1 or 2 would be my choice. Allows enough slip for track but not too much that it’s likely to put you into orbit (but it still might!!)
  20. Monster 1200r only has 3 settings

    - ABS
    - DTC
    - engine power (low, med, high)

    No wheelie control, corner abs or engine braking control.

    In place of those options in the menu it just says MTFU. Not sure what that means though :)
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