What Have You Done Motorcycle Related (but Not Motorcycle Forum Related Or Walking Past One)?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Cream_Revenge, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. I think there’s a separate thread for socks, if you’ll pardon the pun
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  2. And on a separate note it now appears Loz now loves me, which is a lot creepier than it sounds!
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  3. Ssshhhh!

    No words.

    Just feelings.
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  4. weirdo....
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  5. Booked my V4 into a local vehicle detailer for the works. New paintwork preparation, full ceramic polish including the mag alloys and ppf. Popped over to see where their workshop is (typically in the middle of nowhere) and meet the guys that I’d only spoken to on the phone. Turns out they recently did the works on a Speciale so have a full Xpel pattern for the ppf. Still to actually ride the bike and won’t be riding it for a few more weeks yet but come that fine day in January, I’ll be on it. Andy
  6. Did you go for a smaller size, or for the fuller you?
  7. Got to fit now.
  8. Got the 7500 mile service on the 1299 and had them bleed the clutch on the SP as well. It started to get spongy, if it happens again they will start replacing stuff under warranty. Had both back in time for the weekend :)
  9. Borrowed a big torque wrench off my neighbour in preparation of refitting the flywheel/sprag clutch back on my 1098R.
    I had tried my work but they’ve just instigated a tighter tool control process to prevent stuff inadvertently getting left on the vehicles we service.
  10. I'd imagine thats simply air in the top of the M/C tube. Din both my multi 1200's every 100 mils or so.
  11. I have put 1400 miles on it, I really hope it's not a recurring issue but it seems like it may be. Never an issue with the 1299.
  12. Received my carbon tank back from Hartlepool radiators, looks like a great job using the latest caswell sealer,
    Also got my 848 swing arm assembly, not bad for 220 quid! IMG_20181210_124533.jpg
  13. A bit of history for my project!

    IMG_20190102_123032.jpg IMG_20190102_123038.jpg IMG_20190102_123047.jpg IMG_20190102_123103.jpg
  14. Booked the Scrambler in for a service (winter rates) and a new back tyre.
  15. yesterday i got the axe out and cleared some shit from the back field, then, i took the quad and made a rather cool figure of eight track incorporating a steep slope and a jump at the top for the lad. he's good, but his old man is still better :upyeah:
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  16. Put the track bike back together. Glad I never sold her now. Is it summer soon? IMAG0044.jpg .........:eyes:
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  17. Where is that photo taken?
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  18. Fecking tetchy, that Cream Blancmange bloke.
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  19. Just got back from 4,500km odd bike trip around NZ. We had 34 degrees on the gauges yesterday, frikken hot! Went to some cool places as well and celebrated our 8yr ann, it was salt! So we had chips! IMG_1136.JPG IMG_1137.JPG IMG_1138.JPG IMG_1140.JPG IMG_1141.JPG
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