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What Have You Done Motorcycle Related (but Not Motorcycle Forum Related Or Walking Past One)?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Cream_Revenge, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Had my Scrambler collected by Ducati Manchester so they can service it (winter service rates) and to put a new rear tyre on it.
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  2. What mileage on the bike now? first tyre?
  3. 3500 miles and pretty bald down the middle and well worn at the edges
  4. Better than mine - 2000 miles and had to change it (at wear marker in middle) - I am at 3000 miles now on the front and still good...

    When I get to 4000 ish - will need to change both and my try Angel GT... see how they get on - I only do road...

    How you finding the bike - have to say I am liking mine... Now its my only bike - getting used more....

    Slowed me down... which may not be a bad thing...

    May hold off another year or so before buying a replacement for the Multi....(dead) and hope they bring out a V4 for 2020...
  5. I like the 1100. It’s a proper old school naked road bike. The 800 Classic was a hoot though as it was so light in comparison, and you could chuck all over the place.

    If you only had one bike the 1100 is great, but as a second bike I think the 800 would be better.
  6. IMG_1143.JPG
    Lol, yeah well my wife is the photographer of the family, am hoping now that she will be the bike washer of the family! Not looking forward to this job, check out the crust on the muffler!...
    We went to Harwoods Hole, very cool but a bit scary leaning over the edge for a look!
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  7. New coolant hoses on GSXR tracker (coolant hoses are a real pain in the arse to fit) and a system check ready for Silverstone week Monday.

    Took 996 for a blast, she does sound lovely, the head turns going through towns are ridiculous.

    Burnt my arm on the GSXR exhaust. Again.
  8. Nothing!
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  9. Put DE Gold under my raceseat, seemed to do the job. Now I just need to convert my comfort seat into raceseat spec to fit the tank extender. The raceseat gives a wee bit of monkey butt, the comfort seat I know is good for an alpine trip, so Im converting it. Cant be too hard, can it?
  10. How's the tooth o_O
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  11. First appt. 14:00 today but it’s my jaw I am having trouble with now. It keeps hitting the floor. I have been down to breakfast three times this morning just to gaze at the girl serving it!
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  12. i lost another tooth on sunday when out on the bike.
  13. Is that actually possible :thinkingface:
  14. Going out on a bike or loosing a toof?
  15. Both, I hid his steps last year :joy:
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  16. I put the trickle charger on the Diavel
  17. not for you no. you have to ride em. that comes first.
  18. Not riding your teeth :scream: whatever that meant :tired_face:
  19. sounds like a porn film
  20. tho i bet your gob does more miles than any of you bikes.
    feeling a lil zonked after 300mls on sunday there. deffo out of practice. but feeling a lot better for not having that wobbly tooth right enough.
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