What Is Theresa May Up To? A Question Of Democracy

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by Loz, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. May is attempting to preserve the UK's economy

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  2. May is attempting to preserve the UK's place on the World Stage

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  3. May is attempting to preserve workers' rights

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  4. May is attempting to preserve freedom of movement

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  5. I believe that Theresa May's actions have been rational and/or democratic

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  6. The time of the nation state is over

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  7. I literally don't give stuff about democracy, More Europe Please!

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  8. I voted Remain but over-turning democracy is not in the public interest

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  1. 48% (of the ones that voted) have - soft twats :rolleyes:

    Welcome back EVILBARROW!!!
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  2. Never left
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  3. Shit :bucktooth:
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  4. I bought more teng torque wrenches. Full set now. Might as well just throw that out there, fucking better than posting about politics.
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  5. Halfords are better :bucktooth:
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  6. Better? Suppose so, I mean if you need a torque stick on a Sunday, yep, walk in an get a wiper blade, a bulb and a cuddly toy, and a 5000 piece socket set, you're sorted.
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  7. I think there will be a lot more independents standing at the next election. I sincerely hope a substantial number unseat SNP, labour and Conservative "safe" seats in order to send a message to career politicians that the bulk of us remain very unhappy with their performance.
    Some single issues I'd like to see.
    More "Red light" cameras.
    All traffic management decisions to be debated, logged and democratically agreed.
    With regular reviews. E.g. 24 Bus lane near my house..... it should always have been rush hour only.
    Banning Cctv to police parking issues, tickers MUST be attached to vehicle.
    Banning private parking firms, have your car park adopted and policed by the local authority, with their process and appeals.
    Remove 20mph zones, except around schools / playing areas.
    Reverse all removal of lower than national speed limits unless a review deems them 100% necessary.
    Remove traffic calming, it drives my cars, vans and bikes MAD.
    Remove cable crash barriers.
    Disband safer partnerships and televise the crushing of the vans.
    All roadworks to be 24/7/365 until completed.
    Cycling MUST use cycle paths where provided, if using the road they must be in single file.
    Males cyclists and women over 10 stone can only where lycra where a £12.50 daily fee* has been paid.
    This fee can fund Zaphod Beeblebrox style sun glasses for the rest of us.
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  8. I want those cool sounding glasses. No idea what they are, but I want them
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  9. Youtube trolling in the background, the cult she sells sanctuary, 91X San Diego. Cool
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  10. “Vell, Zaphod’s just zis guy, you know?”
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  11. This is @Loz
    “One of the major difficulties Trillian experienced in her relationship with Zaphod was learning to distinguish between him pretending to be stupid just to get people off their guard, pretending to be stupid because he couldn't be bothered to think and wanted someone else to do it for him, pretending to be outrageously stupid to hide the fact that he actually didn’t understand what was going on, and really being genuinely stupid. He was renowned for being amazingly clever and quite clearly was so—but not all the time, which obviously worried him, hence, the act. He preferred people to be puzzled rather than contemptuous.”
  12. The Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses have been designed to help people develop a relaxed attitude to danger. They follow the principle "what you don't know can't hurt you" and turn completely dark and opaque at the first sign of danger. This prevents you from seeing anything that might alarm you. This does, however, mean that you see absolutely nothing, including where you're going.

    It also tells you that there is something that would alarm you, could you see it. This information alone could potentially alarm you
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  13. Message to remainers. Tick all the boxes above that you like , if we don't like the result we can always run it again and again until the results we want are democratically achieved.
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  14. I think you missed the two most obvious ones in your list. So I haven’t voted.

    1) she is more interested in the health of the Tory party and

    2) one of her main concerns is the Union

    Reference James O’Brian. When it comes to Brexit his conclusions are based on verifiable facts. Unlike the female Australian journalist whose monologue was all belief and feelings.

    I also listen to Nigel Farage, Nick Ferrari and Ian Dale so I get a balanced view. It was Farages arguments about leaving which convinced me we should have left of 29/3. That would have been the democratic thing to do. Not leaving is bad for democracy and will defeat May in the end. I expect the SNP to win 50+ seats at the next GE and the go for a Unilateral Declaration of Independence, quoting Thatcher and citing Mays ignoring of the EU referendum result as legal justification.

    Why are you not all out closing down a bridge in central London? Seems to be the fashionable things to do these days.

    Lastly, I am not a remainer. We voted to leave so we should have left by now. I just enjoy picking apart all the fantasyland stuff the more fantasist Brexiteers like to promote.


    We were never going to get a deal
    The EU were never going to back down on the Irish border

    You know, stuff where facts are important
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