What Next!!! (that Will Teach Them For Not Voting For Us At The Eurovision Song Contest!!!)

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by Exige, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Well, we got the result most of us on here wanted - epic!

    Will we get article 50 straight away?

    What happens for Denmark, France, Spain and Italy now - interesting times ahead!!!

    I guess one of the first zero contracts to be agreed be made will be with will be with Germany due to the strength of our trade deficit.

    We can open up a trade agreement with the like of the Ukraine and show Putin too ;-)

    Hope Ireland works out and the border remains open for them - they voted 56% to stay, not heard what Scotchland voted yet.
  2. Scotchland voted for another Indy ref.
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  3. Chaos (for a while)...
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  4. Days, weeks, months or years?
  5. If I knew that, I would be rich! Glad I bought my Euros yesterday.
  6. Are we we automatically out of euro 2016 now? :(
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  7. A week or two ;)...

    Nope, I'm still not rich :Finger:
  8. No, we're an infiltrator like Russia were :upyeah:, but we'll be out soon anyway ;)
  9. Scotland voted in.
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  10. We worked so hard to get to the last 16 too :(
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  11. A voter in Dunbartonshire drew a cock and balls on the ballot paper. Since it was fully enclosed within the Remain box, the vote was counted! :)
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  12. Will we be vilified on the streets for having Italian bikes :(
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  13. Lot of talk on the ground here in Ireland about us getting out too. This corrupt fookin place is riddled in EU debt for the next two generations thanks to bailing out the greedy 2% and their political cronies. People might finally grow a pair of balls....the revolution will not be televised....
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  14. Will we have to buy Triumphs at double the price of the Anericans :Wideyed::Greedy:
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  15. I cannot believe it....I cannot BELIEVE IT!
    Went to sleep at 1 as have to do a load-in this morning and at that time I feared it was all over for us....BUT IT ISN'T!!!
    A truly momentous day for sensible thinkers...finally,someone gave the puffed up ego trippers of Brussels a bloody nose and hopefully their P60's!(And two fingers at the Capital dwellers too!)
    And as always,it's the British that have to stand up for the rest of Europe.
    I wonder now how many other EU member countries will have to hold referenda of their own?
    If so,and they go the way the UK has voted,will we see an EU reformed into the Common Market we were supposed to have joined?
    Well done Great Britain!
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  16. Stayed up until 0300 and alarm went off at 0550. Was a nice morning with that news.

    Very pleased with the result. I think in a months time, sterling would have significantly rebounded. Comments like Germany, stating they would be stupid to turn down our trade, will bolster the economy. More countries will come out in solidarity and more countries will want a referendum. The more countries want the referendum, the stronger sterling will get as we won't be the only currency braving it.

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  17. IndyRef 2 for Scotland is in the post with continued EU membership.

    Now, do we accept London as a Colony?

    Will they be Londoners or Scots?

    So many unanswered questions.
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Will the world keep turning ?

    I hope so.

    Old Farrrrge said this morning that it's great for a United Briton.

    United ?????
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  20. The man is a buffoon.
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