What Next!!! (that Will Teach Them For Not Voting For Us At The Eurovision Song Contest!!!)

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  1. Because he's Alaaaan 'the geezaaaar' Sugar, awwwwight maaayte!

    Nah just kidding, he's a tool, a short stumpy annoying tool ;)
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  2. Don't knock it, for duke at least it's one step up from his last person, the cook on facebook from america. Gotta take the small victories

    As to sugar, even Michael Cain doesn't wear that hair anymore
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  3. I've come to the conversation late @noobie Who is it? Gordon?
  4. No, not quite.

    An unnamed expat by the looks of it saying how bad chicken is in America, clearly speaking for the half a million recorded chefs over there.

    Top quality source :)
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  5. Page 418 post 8360 https://www.ducatiforum.co.uk/threa...at-the-eurovision-song-contest.43992/page-418

    Duke was talking about after brexit deals and used this as , well I'm not sure really what he expected to do with it other than to say we should not do deals with the u.s. because of chlorinated chicken based on someone in the U.S. on facebook claiming to be a chef and his opinion on it

    It also worth mentioning that since we announced a brexit win, the u.s. has allowed British beef and lamb to the u.s. after being banned for 20 years, not sure about haggis and black pudding though
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  6. Well, as you know, Dukey88 rarely provides any evidence to back up his random outbursts. I suppose it was too much to hope that when he did, it would be from a rock solid source. :laughing:
  7. What do you think of American chicken Gordon?


    Oh, well Erm.......thanks for the insight
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  8. Brexiteers just make themselves look more uninformed every day. No positive arguments, just attempting (and failing) to ridicule those who don't agree with them. Even if they are very successful people.
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  9. Duke one of your last best shots was a claimed chef in America on facebook saying why we shouldn't do a post brexit deal based on chickens.

    You're not exactly rolling in the deep with successful people sweetcheeks
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  10. Duke, I haven't meant anything maliciously so if I have offended I genuinely apologise.:upyeah:

    It is however rather hypocritical that a remain voter says that it's the people who voted leave that are doing the ridiculing, and even further from the truth when it's said that they're the ones not being positive.

    On the contrary, most of the negative spin is generated by the remain voters, in fact the daily onslaught from the press is all about negativity. The entire Remain camps strategy was to focus on negative reasons to not leave the EU, rather than positive reasons to stay.

    That's why they lost, not because of a red bus, but because it's just so incredibly patronising to have a bunch of people with vested interests deliver thinly veiled threats day after day. It's also patronising to say that anyone who voted leave is uneducated, racist and a xenophobe. It kind of gets people's backs up.

    The fact is that the decision was made and it's not about who won with their vote or who lost, it's about completing the will of the majority of the people who voted that day and doing so without under handed tactics to derail.

    Most people I know that voted to leave the EU are the ones being positive and fully believe we as a nation can easily survive not being in the club, but also thrive outside of it.

    If there's negativity being said, I can assure you that it's pretty much all that's coming from the remain camp.
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  11. Some people think that being negative about something they consider to be negative is contributing something positive.

    I find that apparent failure of perspective to be truly astounding. Sort of like, if you hate the haters, you are eliminating hate.
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  12. Are we there yet?
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  13. I doubt it el, this thread is likely to go on longer than this one :) https://www.ducatiforum.co.uk/threads/multistrada-1200-the-most-complained-about-bikes.43666/

    I think as Loz says if it's a matter of concern then it generally gets listened to and even it seems, most remainers appear to be o ffs it's happening, I don't like it but lets get on with it because even they understand that whether you are a brexiteer or a remainer, a shite deal will effect us all so it's in everyone's interest to get the best deal you can. Your view of what a best deal may vary from others but the best deal is what most are after

    We might even at some point I suspect, rejoin the eu project but not as it is now. For us to do that it would have to be like the body we originally signed up for. An organisation of like minded countries who wanted to make trade easier, countries who could afford to put more in than take out and an organisation of positives. Sadly over the years that friendly trade agreement turned into a government that sucks the very life out of contributory countries whilst being it's defining body, no one signed up for that.

    Damodici sums it up quite nicely, not all remainers are this bad, most are reasonable but a small minority are seen in recent events, Trump, brexit, indi 1, those who think democracy and the democratic vote only is valid when they win and when they do not they act like a child who is being told they can suckle no more and has to eat real food, or a teenager told that the latest iphone will not be in their christmas stocking so it rings childline. We often wonder where the special snowflake millenials have come from, I suspect these small amount of remainers who are parents, might be the answer

    Most brexiteers are positive in what brexit can bring, accepting that we will not get everything and what we do get within our own timetable but genuinely we are thinking for the countries future and the long term future. The very worst of remainers are unable to see beyond the next headline. Think of the opposites as money, most brexiteers save and plan for the future and can see that thing you really want so work hard for it, the small majority of remainers have maxed out their credit cards, have no savings and are continually looking for others to comfort their brow because they could never see beyond that surplus at the end of the month must be spent.

    We will get through this, we will still be Europeans friends, the guardian readers will still buy houses and holiday in France and Spain will still moan about the noisey uncouth Brits whilst still taking the billions we bring over, we will still fight the Germans on the sun loungers and wish we could all get as stoned as the dutch but people to people, very little will change as we do tend to get on

    Nearly 3 times the amount of europeans are still coming to the U.K. to live as Brits wanting to go and live in europe and most of those are the young of the eu seeing a future far better than what their own country offers even after the brexit announcement.

    In some way it's weird that the european young see the U.K. as the place to be after brexit but some U.K. remainers do not.
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  14. Ok let's hear some Leavers explain in a positive manner why things will be better and why we will be better off culturally and economically. And by we I mean you and me and not Britain as a nation because that isn't likely to be the same thing.
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  15. You could ask the same question of remainers could you not? You could ask the same question of a national election, council election, independence election or even a vote for a union rep as to a you or me impact. Your question is an attempt at a loaded one that is aimed at brexit but could mean anything and could apply to anything.
  16. What a mistake. I checked to see if Nobbie had made an intelligent and reasoned reply.

    I could have a better and more intelligent conversation with next doors cat.
  17. I doubt the cat would share the same view
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  18. ahh, A cuil bay meteor storm beats a wesminster shit storm any day.
    while clearly on here it makes no difference, its out there where the remainers are doing you a favor. protecting the home grown industries. letting the shysters know their asses are on a plate and waiting to be served come the day of reckoning.
    brw, the chicken (chlorinated due to poor hygiene practices) aint the prob its the cost undercutting that will do the damage.
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  19. The skys did look great according to you tube video's for those of us in gods sun tanning lounge :)

    I know the argument on the chickens fin. We have in place the same standards as the eu in that we believe husbandry of animals we are about to kill and eat, should be of a standard that starts with their birth and ends with their death. I genuinely believe that would be in place whether we are in the eu or not, most customers seem to demand good treatment of livestock

    The U.S. seems to believe, not all but some, that they should deal with them as quick as possible then make it safe at the end game but both methods provide safe food it's just we have two different methods of doing so. That said I've travelled in India in the past and as a Brit it was the best weight losing diet I've ever been on but they do things differently also

    Dukes suggestion was an after brexit deal should stop brexit which is silly, even more so by some ham fisted cook probably at a fast food restuarant on face book and in the states. This largely ignores that most of the laws we have with the eu are coming over to the uk and made into uk statute.

    So any deal with any country will have to meet our legal standards as well as moral ones. This was an article based on banned foods from coming into the U.K. and many come from countries we deal with in other ways. My point is that it is possible to do deals without accepting everything on the deal request by the other side

  20. dinna you worry yourself noob, we, on the right side of history will keep an eye on the shysters for you. you keep boiling yer heed, we will hold the kippers to account. :upyeah:
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