What Next!!! (that Will Teach Them For Not Voting For Us At The Eurovision Song Contest!!!)

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by Exige, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Iz you been on the confuzed juice?

    I asked, if Scotland left the U.K. and the U.K. put to Scotland the terms that the eu are currently putting to the U.K. what would be your thoughts?

    Unless you are doctor who, then no you haven't time travelled into the future. No worries on the links although I was puzzled for your request about the donkey with 5 legs :eyes:
  2. its a hypothetical deal by the sounds of it, more inside info than i have picked up from the commentators i trust. to be fair tho, i have been focusing on the round.
    from what i mind the deal sounds considerably worse than any deal bitter together where proposing. it was the deal most wanted. and going by the polling patterns it was the deal what swung it. in fact, the only big comparisons i can draw between the two reffs it was the uk gov and Parliament making most if not all the threats, along with those the uk lobbied for support.
    if i was barnier i would carry a big of salt.
  3. End of.

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  4. "Brexiturd"?

    Is that a Remainer word or an *Angry treasonous Scotch geezer* word?

    Asking for a friend.
  5. If you go there and have a look (which i would recommend everyone to do) you might well see that many other nationalities are also present amongst those graves. It tends to take all the national divides and patriotism out of it and makes you realise what a huge fuck up it all was by the leaders of all sides.
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  6. Morning chuckles :)
  7. bollox, you aint got any friends. :p
    turd is another word for jobby. brexshit or brexiturd.
    yip, while personally i dont know anybody loosing sleep over brexit, yet.
    angry is the word. and nobody should be ashamed to admit it. especially somebody from my camp :upyeah:
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  8. I think we've found one of those people duke talks too, just sayin. As to fin being camp, I ain't opening that jar
  9. yer good at the witty retort so ye are noob. :zzz:
  10. I am fin, that's why you keep coming back for more of em, I'm not as good at Loz though
  11. loz is funny, mostly because his material is more often than not, original. tho i think its more wordplay with loz, i dont think he believes everything he says, whereas you just follow the herd, i just give you a lil prod every now and then to keep you going. :upyeah:
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. :)

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  14. You didn't answer my question.

    My friend's question, rather.

    Wait. Is this one of those famed finmdiversions? I've heard of them but never thought to see one in my lifetime. Cough.

    Now answer the question, there's a puppet. I mean, *poppet*.
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  15. ok, maple or regular?
  16. Do you do troll-flavour, finm? : o D

  17. have you run out already?
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  18. I am more than happy to answer that question, finm.
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  19. At what? :eek:
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