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  1. Hello You Lot,

    I'm looking for a bit of general bike-y advice, please. A few years ago I was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal condition that meant- in essence- if I didn't sit very, very still all of the time for the rest of time, then I ran a very high risk of paralysis from even the smallest fall.

    However, because I am a penis and because I figured if this happened I'd end up sitting very, very still anyway, I decided to do as much as I could, while I could, and be grateful for every moment I got moving about and generally enjoying myself, and- y'know- being a penis.

    So, I have done exactly that, and the last 6 years have been an absolute blessing, and whilst they've been hugely coloured by endless, tedious, miserable, sickening pain I've never once forgotten how lucky I am to just be doing.

    I especially consider myself to be exceptionally fortunate that I've been able to learn to ride bikes, and have even blasted my way through many of things that were always on my fantasy bike list (mainly by selling everything else I owned but also by not eating or at least just eating my wife's food and selling my own), as well as 'achieving' lots of other silly but somehow crucial things like getting my knee down at track days etc. I've always known that the truth is, it's not so much that someone with my kind of injuries shouldn't be doing things like this, it's more that I probably wouldn't have bothered if I hadn't become injured. So, breaking my back has really given me a kick up the arse, which- ironically- you can only do if you've got a broken back.

    In addition to this, I'm also famously rubbish at most things, so forcing myself to do something like biking as much as I can has also resulted in a genuinely new sensation for me: I got better at something. Not good, but not terrible, either. And that felt great.

    In short then, I feel so massively privileged to have been able to do these things- any of these things- and now have a mental shoe-box full of lovely memories of times shared with nice people, going to nice places, sometimes on nice bikes.

    And, because I always felt so blessed to be able to do this stuff, I always told myself I wouldn't care if it ended tomorrow.

    However. It ended yesterday. I had a little fall and it's wrecked my back catastrophically and in all likelihood according to the back quacks this is it for me. And, whilst I still find myself so, so glad I got up off my arse and did everything I could whilst I could, I also find that I've no idea what to do next.

    So, here's where you come in. What do I do next?

    I still absolutely love bikes. I love looking at bikes, I love fixing bikes, Hell- I even like buying bikes on behalf of my friends, as meeting other bike people is always fun. But riding bikes is no longer going to be an option.

    Likewise, I've always really enjoyed every aspect of track days, including the getting it all ready, and getting our little base camp set up, and I have always believed I go to have a good time not to set a good time, but that's not going to be an option now either as just moving the stuff about won't be possible, nor in all likelihood will be the journey to and from the places.

    So then, what can you all suggest I do? I'd really like a bike-based hobby but I'm really struggling to think of one. I'd welcome any suggestions you have.

    Btw, please don't think this thread is a thinly-veiled attempt to get pity or anything, it absolutely isn't. I don't warrant any pity or sympathy, and am not fishing for it. I have been, and continue to be the luckiest man in the world, and have had far, far more good fortune than anyone could possibly deserve. I feel so grateful to have got this far, and now I'd really appreciate your suggestions on what to do next.

    Thank you for reading this, I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have.

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  2. Maybe look at modding bikes for people like yourself?? There's no reason you can't still ride on track, seen people with one arm, no legs ECT ECT on track days and I take my hat off too them.
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  3. What a fab outlook on life to have, fook knows what next, but it will be cool I'm sure :cool:
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  4. Ditto what Exige just said.

    Would a trike work for still getting out and about with a bike vibe to it?
  5. Start up a cool biker cafe...somewhere to sell your own food (eat your wife's ;)) Let the bikes and bikers come to you :upyeah:
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  6. motivational blogs/videos.
    modeling (craft) maybe both.
    stop motion animation.
    everything and anything :upyeah:
  7. That must be the funniest bad-news I've ever read! :upyeah:

    I'm guessing you still have use of your arms and shoulders eh?

    Assuming you aren't into trikes and/or outfits (sidecars) I can't think of much in the way of riding bikes that would help, actually nothing, but perhaps now is the time to get 'tooled up' and doing some mechanical sh*t if that floats your boat? There's quite some demand currently for custom built spoked wheels and that's a skill that shouldn't be too hard to learn/master and you could do sitting without the need to bend down etc. Or perhaps start getting into forming aluminium or learning about composites construction? Who knows it could be the door to whole new successful life?

    You know, that Stephen Hawking fella? He can hardly bat an eyelid yet has a very rich and rewarding life immersing himself into stuff he finds interesting.

    It's really great that you're being so positive and humorous about all of this, without that we are nothing, good luck to you sir! :upyeah:
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  8. Ever tried air brushing .? Helmets or even bikes - design
  9. Arranging track days specifically for people with disabilities ?

    I get it’s good for them to be able to join in normal ones but some might like the extra support

    Have some modded bikes available - hell get a track trike :)

    Get out to European tracks small enough to cater like Folembray :)

    Good luck in whatever you do
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  10. Sounds like a thinly veiled attempt at getting sympathy to me;)

    Dunno what skills you have, but if you get chance you can go get some. Then build or part build/help others :)
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  11. This is a great idea. I've no idea how to do it, but I'll enjoy Looking into it, thank you.
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  12. Thanks Ex, that's really kind.
  13. I'm not sure what you should do next, but you sound like a good bloke so I hope it all works out great. Take your time, and you will find yourself a new path.
    PS. Let your wife eat a couple of meals.
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  14. Help Creamy through life as a personal mentor??? :)
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  15. Probably a bit much to be honest, but again- I'll really enjoy looking into it. Thanks chum.
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  16. Now THIS I like. Plus, if I eat all the cakes, we'll make a fortune.
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  17. I've actually done a couple of TED talks before and really liked forcing people into submission with my boredom. Maybe I could play on the fact I'm a massive spaz and force them to listen to my thoughts on the pedestrianisation of Norwich?
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  18. @Cream_Revenge looks like you've shit out bud :confused:
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  19. Awesome post. Love it. Thank you mate.

    Right. So, open a cafe, build a trike, become a world authority on Quantum physics. That's tomorrow sorted.
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  20. Ooo. Good. I like this!
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