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What Tyres Are You Riding And How Many Mi/km Do You Get On Your Hyper?

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Linkevich, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. I was just wondering what tyre longevity do you guys get on different tyres and hypers.
  2. I don’t have that info with my hyper950 yet as I’ve only made some 1500 kms since I’ve bought it.
    I run default Diablo Rosso III 2.2bar, the tire looks like it has some 1500km more in the rear and more in the front but it wasn’t new.
    On my previous Dorsoduro 750 I got:
    - Pirelli Diablo Corsa: 3500km
    - Diablo Rosso III: 5000km
    - Michelin Pilot Road 4: 6000km
    In all cases rear was done, front still had some thread but I replaced at the same time anyway
  3. Anyone with Supercorsa SP?
  4. String
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  5. I had them on my 939 they were terrible as in most riding conditions they could not get warm enough to work well changed them for Metzler roasted 01 and they transformed the bike. I always changed them as a pair but 5000 miles was no problem
  6. Supercorsas on my rsv4 (not my hyper ill grant you that..) but, last set i had on there (2.5k) out of a set - i tend to change them just before i hit the limiter marks (never skimp on tyres and brakes!) - however the first set of Supercorsas i put on my rsv4 the suspension wasnt set up and i only got 1.5k out of a set and at that point the front was totally trashed.
  7. 950sp supercorsas
    Rear lasted 1600 miles down to the wire
    Front lasted about 3500.

    Got Rosso Corsa III's on now and bikes sittin at 4000 miles Rear still has plenty tread but has a bit of a flat spot. Hopefully get some twisty riding in when it drys up and see if it evens out
  8. Thread moved and title changed to suit
  9. Michelin Pilot Power 3s on my 1100S Monster (similar engine, similar bike, different ergonomics). 7500km and the rear will need changing now within the next 1000km or so but the front has loads of life left.
  10. Surely it depends on people been honest about their riding style. Some people get/claim 15,000miles to tires. I get a third of that if I'm luck...
  11. Very true. I’d say my riding style is ‘relaxed, but hasty when the road is clear’ I try to be as smooth as possible on the throttle, so no spinning up of the rear wheel. I’m actually surprised how much I got out of the Michelins.
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