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What Would Be Your Perfect Motorcycle?

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by J biker, Oct 1, 2021.

  1. The new Suzuki GSX-S1000

    Fast and flexible motor - real gem for a road bike.

    (might be a different answer in 1 year's time !)
  2. as Ron Tauranac used to say:- "the next one!"
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  3. 888 and or a supermono
    A lovely old triumph
    Another 600SS
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  4. Weighing less than 150kg with about 80 to 100bhp. painted red
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  5. I would keep this lovely old bike if an electric starter conversion was available.
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  6. ^^ and so would I M!!
  7. I'm getting there -mine has to lose a few more kgs but...
  8. A Manx Norton
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  9. I heard talk about a new KTM SMT coming out, well it's been talked about in both 790 and 890 guises. I think something like that would tick my boxes, as long as I like the colour schemes. Which in the past has put me off both KTM and Aprilia. Oh and as long as I could take the risk with KTM reliability too.
  10. We got there without doing anything too fancy. Needed to go to external starting and total loss ignition to get below 150 kg, but I can tell you a 900SSie picks up revs like a race bike when it is only spinning the gearbox input shaft. E55EEC55-559A-4FBF-B2AA-A2CD4879FAB5.jpeg D65E717F-CD8E-4A0C-810F-770CFA731A48.jpeg
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  11. I suspect it might have been said before, but in case it hasn’t a shaft drive Multistrada with larger volume panniers.
  12. My ideal would be a Ducati Supersport S with the Panigale v2 engine. Comfort of the Supersport S with some Panigale power :cool:
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  13. I loved my Street Triple 675 Rx, and I loved my 959 Corse, but want one bike that does both.

    The perfect bike for me would be a Streetfighter V2 S, no higher than 820mm seat height, full electronic Ohlins, clear coat to protect red paint, cruise control, phone integration for navigation. Enough punch that can be explored on the public roads without being silly. Cash waiting.

    Back in the real world, I'll be pulling the trigger on a Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS for spring, which basically is the above, maybe a bit too much power for me, but I want more than a Street Triple 765. It ticks most of my boxes, except...
    1. It 'only' has manual Ohlins. Annoyingly, the 1200 RR does have electronic Ohlins so Triumph have done the work, I wish Triumph would offer that on the RS - it's not only Ducati that doesn't offer the perfect permutation of features.
    2. It doesn't have the Ducati / Italian style, though I do really like Speed styling, other than the stock exhaust, which I will be keeping on this bike.
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  14. There simply isn't a perfect bike, they don't exist, that's why many of use have more than one !!
    So, the perfect motorcycle is actually at least three !!:upyeah::joy:
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  15. Hi Jon, any chance of a run down on what you did there? Would love to know specs and mods. Thx Grant
  16. Desmo for the euro track days
    V4R for track
    Superduke 1290R for the road - this bike is literally the best road bike I’ve ridden. It does everything. Hooligan, motorway miles, handles when setup…..
  17. Cool thread.
    My ideal bike would be..
    Ducati desmo vtwin with 120-130 rear wheel hp, 80 ish lb/ft of torque, dry clutch, liquid cooling.
    At least some kind of trellis frame showing, even in the modern, very minimal style
    400 lbs/ 180 kg fully fuelled at the kerb
    Styling and ergos would be very similar to the new Speed Triple RR
    Sophisticated ABS from a v4 Pani would be nice. Relatively basic traction control; full power mode and a wet mode would be fine for me. Maybe an anti loop wheelie function would be good since I'm shite at wheelies!
    I suppose quick shifter up n down could be amusing but not necessary.
    Heated f**king grips!!! ( why isn't this mandated as standard safety equipment on all bikes?! )
    Decent size tank, like 18 litres
    Anyway, that would be me very happy. It's kind of a modern, half faired version of what I already have..
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  18. Panigale V2 with less emissions restriction. And not wanting to set me on fire every time I ride it on a medium warm day
  19. 916spa or 996R but I'd be unlikely to ever be able to afford either. Plus I'd ride it and use it. It would not be an ornament in my stewardship.
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