What Youtube Builds Are You Watching.?

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by rhubarb and custard, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. I've been watching Gordon Murray's Mk1 Escort build by Retropower , really interesting, clearly an ad for their business but no worse for it , amazing quality and none of the usual in built jeopardy or shouty nonsense as found on tv. Well worth a look, I've also been quite into Home built by Jeff a have a go Ozy building a 911 RSR tribute ( unfinished )and a Datsun 240Z resto,(nearly done !)with varying degrees of success , much more diy and much less budget .
    What else is worth a go.?, a bike build would be nice.!
  2. Project kinky, brilliant engineering & funny too.
  3. Binky not kinky, I meant, mind you...
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  4. Brupeg, Pure living for life, Sailing lady africa, bald and bankrupt, louis rossmann.
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  5. Watched a guy fitting a Corvette LS3 525BHP motor in a Mx5 MK2. something like 14 episodes in all. Very good & he wasn't an arsehole like some of them are. $42,000 to build it. Miata v8
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  6. Ha project kinky ! Under bed bondage apparently according to YouTube is a thing.!!
  7. This looks right up my street. Ta
  8. I'm sorry if some of my offered up channels are not quite builds in the literally sense. Although I think building a better social world & showing a wider gamut of knowledge are very very important.
  9. Sorry GZB I didn't ignore your post , but rude of me not to reply I will most certainly take a gander. Thanks. :)
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  10. Project Binky
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  11. Not a build project but I enjoyed Teapot 1, round the world on a gsxr, worth a watch.
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  12. Another Binky fan here, brilliant
  13. Next to some of the others allready mentioned, you could try the Hoonigan Projects channel. It's a more in depth look in to the build coming out of their workshop(s).
  14. Project Binky....love it.
  15. Binky and Murray and avoiding campisi what a cock a so-called bike building but has no tools
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  16. @simmytt Thanks for posting that, loved the first episode, looking forward to the rest.
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  17. Another for project Binky
  18. Yep Binky for me too. The two guys that do it are very skilled and funny.