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What's The Theme Of This Reshuffle So Far?

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by portboy, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. shame about the rest of him........
  2. What? - not a nice tit :thinkingface:
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  3. C'mon Dinger beauty is in the eye of the Behinder..........:p
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  4. knowing you write porkies 749er, can you show where he said it rather than was alledged to have said it? Only I just tried multiple news sources and not one video or transcript where this was said but certianly a few mentions started with "alledgedly"
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minister_for_the_Union

    If wiki is to be believed it looks like a title he gave himself to get some extra cash in his pocket.

    "On 4 September 2019, the Government announced £10 million in funding to support the Prime Minister's work as Minister for the Union"
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  6. no, i am v, carefull.
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  7. its enough that we know its well within bojo's abilty (lack of) to say these things noob. its the rod he made for himself. and its enough that we know that there is now enough folks that dont care about the shit he says. it speaks volumes about where the UK is and where the UK is probably going.
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  8. Your little puppet certainly isn't :thinkingface:
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  9. hmm, so this isnt going to be the day you grow up then? :rolleyes:
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  10. I will never grow up titty boy :p
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  11. .....but it wasn't supposed to hurt you so bad :( I forgot you think the same as me :bucktooth:
  12. yip, you made me cry. nasty nasty exe.
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  13. Noogie :kissing_heart:
  14. nugget
  15. Could all be much worse!!! The Civil service is in need of a massive overhaul and its time has Cummings!!!!!! ENcyrS1XYAoXUcp.jpeg 79839965_10216398626781617_2241433858576744448_N.jpeg ENcyrS1XYAoXUcp.jpeg 79839965_10216398626781617_2241433858576744448_N.jpeg
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  16. and caramel
  17. If wiki is to be believed : o D

    Alan, you are my favourite parody account *thumbup*
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  18. Where is peanut :thinkingface: ah! nap time probably :):upyeah:
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