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What's Your Mileage?

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by gazza77, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. My Monster is 3 and a bit years old. Bought as an ex demo with 1300 miles on the clock in Sept 16, it's now done 10.5k. Looking around similar age bikes for sale, this would seem quite high, yet it's generally only used for spring, summer and autumn ride outs and some commuting in good weather so hardly an all year round ride/big mileage tourer.

    How many miles has yours on the clock, and how many per year?
  2. 2014 899 with 31,500 miles on it so far, I like living on the edge :joy:.

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  3. 2002, M900ie, 37K, 2200 yearly average.
  4. 2010 Hyper 1100s 1950miles I have done the 950 this year
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  5. 2009 1198S , just turned 10,000 miles.
    2006 Triumph sprint st 34,300.
    1988 gsxr 750j 37,000.
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  6. 2000 750 Sport ie - 34198 at last MOT
    2003 999s - 47359 at last MOT
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  7. 2002 748r 9500 (its a trophy)
  8. 2002 998S. Just clocked 17,000 miles.
  9. Too much because stuff keeps wearing out and braking:confused:
    Had to buy a new gear linkage today, that was a lot for what it is!!
  10. I bought Primus (my first 696) brand new 10 years ago. I've done around 76,500 miles on it including daily commuting, 3 World Ducati Week European tours plus weekends away, trips to Scotland and the Isle of Man.

    After Primus was off the road for quite a few weeks in early 2018 (one thing after the other - a numpty in a Honda Civic driving into me followed by the starter motor packing up and then a seized front brake caliper) I decided I needed a second bike (commuting by South Western Railway was doing my head in). In May 2018 I bought Secundus, a 13 plate 696 with less than 600 miles on the clock (its 2 previous owners hadn't ridden it). It's now on 5,150 miles (I took Secundus to WDW 2018).

    I guess I average around 7500-8000 miles a year.
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  11. Hypermotard 1100 evo sp @ 14.5k

    Engine rebuild at 13k but thats was down to me....being rebuilt its now more reliable than it was before...
  12. 52 years and about 500K miles on the road and 3 times that in the air...
    I'm looking good for a 65 year old...
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  13. You're missing the nautical miles - whats up with that?
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  14. A few ferries to Guernsey, France and the IOW don't really matter compared to the rest. :D
  15. Scrambler 1100 Sport (April 2018) - just under 5000 miles

    Diavel 1260S (April 2019) - just over 2500 miles
  16. Great stuff there!
  17. I average about 8k miles a year but that's spread over 3 or 4 bikes.. been using the van alot this year but due to 5k on scrambles in 6 weeks I've still got the ridding in!
    My highest milage bike is my 99 748. That's on 33k but still looks sweet!
    (Any excuse to share a pic!)
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  18. 15400 on the 1199s.
    3300 on the Tuono.
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  19. about 35k over 6-7years over 3 bikes and a scoot. mostly on the fugly. which, looking out the window at the weather (i'v done all year riding when i was an apprentice no need to repeat the experience) and considering it was an unreliable piece of shit for the first 2years and couldn't be used unless i was out with a mate for bump starting purposes. i dont think thats so bad.
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  20. Hmm .... " spread over 3 or 4 bikes "

    Round here that photo would not be described as " 3 or 4 bikes " .
    .... but maybe it's different where you live ..... :)

    Is that what you tell the missus ?
    " honestly dear , I've only got 3 or 4 bikes "

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