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Wheel Nuts - Impact Or No?

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by AJHDingo, Nov 19, 2021.

  1. Apologies,corrected, thank you, fat drunk fingers
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  2. So…a real newbie question from me, who’s yet to remove the rear wheel on my bike…..is either nut on the rear axle a LH thread, or are they both regular RH threads? (In my case a 748 rather than the OP’s 848)

    To the OP….When working on a complete suspension rebuild on the “stupid car project”, the front stub axles are crazy high torque. I invested in a torque multiplier (happened to get a good deal on a SnapOn one, about the only SO tool I own)….it’s a 1” square drive mo-fo of a tool; that and a pair of f-ing long breaker bars, did the job beautifully. Not too accurate for retorquing though, but happen to have a mate who’s got a truck torque wrench for doing it back up.
  3. After having this issue at the track I can only say be careful with impact guns on the rear hub.
    if your struggling there is a tendency to put the bike in gear and then try the impact gun, this can transmit the vibration via the chain to the gearbox, and you may find yourself picking up your output shaft ball bearing out of your oil catch tray...
    my solution is now on the event of a stuck rear wheel nut, put the bike on a trailer, or in the van, strapped down front and rear, and with the bike in neutral use a breaker bar or if not successful an impact gun.
    the shock load will not be absorbed by movement of the bike for and aft, or via the chain, and i have been successful every time now I have this issue.
    track bikes can be a pain as they get abused, washed and parked up for 6-8 months and then try to remove the rear wheel..
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  4. For the no limits Phillip Island trip new tyres had to be fitted prior to shipping, had pre arranged for the no limits tyre guy to fit the tyres at the Donnington loading point, my first introduction to a stubborn rear wheel nut, breaker bar and 8' pole I found lying around, and he was a professional, to be fair he didn't use a rattle gun..
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  5. Normal right hand thread on both. Righty tighty, lefty loosey :D Andy
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  6. jacky Icxx is, himself, one of a kind, a good example to us all.
  7. Thanks Andy - I didn't want to be giving it everything on a breaker bar, only to find I'd spent 10mins tightening it! :p

    PS....my daughters name is Lucy, she doesn't much like it when I call her Lefty :D (but in her younger years it did teach her how to tighten and undo screws!)
  8. Damn, that's the second off-topic this month. ;)

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  9. Tbf it wasn’t you ;)
  10. so could have been though, I was so asleep I didn't even know which thread i was on! :)
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  11. Thanks all, nut finally off, the Clarke is a bit of a beast and took it off in probably 2 seconds, used cloth on nut and covered base of wheel with towel to avoid any falling stuff chipping rim. Also found a use for the funny red tubey thing that came with the bike.
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  12. The “funny red tubey thing” is your rear paddock stand :joy: Andy
  13. That a hell of a Heath Robinson contraception to keep that rear wheel locked! Love it :upyeah:
  14. Excellent outcome AJH - we all like a happy ending. :upyeah:
  15. Neat solution:upyeah:and you can just stand on the tubey thing when you torque it up:)
  16. I find my Clarke tool will whip off the nut without even locking the wheel.
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  17. Same. I hold rear brake and off easy.
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  18. Same here; usually just put my foot against the tyre, pull the trigger and it's off.

    When tightening I stand on the brake pedal with one foot and use an f-off big Halfords Pro torque wrench. Works for me.
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