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Where Can I Find These Parts For Cheap?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by cremone98, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. i need the 2 screws and the washer

    shipping is 20 euro on the ducati website... fuck that
    i need 15, 11

    i Fo.png
  2. You’re dealing with the British (mainly) on this forum Daniel, you need to use the “P” word.
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  3. You're right!!! 20 pissing euro. ;)
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  4. Am I missing something, but it just looks like a bolt and washer or some sort of grommet. If you spoke to someone from a Ducati dealer or an Indy who could tell you the type and sizes, you'd probably be able get them from Screwfix or similar
  5. It’s just locking screws that’s stops the adjuster bolt from coming out. The M6 item 14 adjusters are tapped at the end and from memory either M3 or M4 around 16mm length.
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