Where Do You Sit On The Spectrum..

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    Damn, I’ll have to correct myself again.
  2. I bet those "Classic Boom Buckle Boots" are a bugger to walk in. o_O

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  3. Already have a clinical diagnosis of Asperger’s and ADHD... it has been very liberating to know there is a reason why I am how I am, and I have far less anxiety and depression since. It’s easier to be sanguine.
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  4. I got 25.
    Am hoping I get a certificate in the mail?
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  5. The Ultimate Answer is 42. Does that mean Arthur Dent’s cave men were autistic too?
  6. 5058C73E-BD4F-4238-8737-6A240EA5450D.jpeg Not sure where princesswtf is on the scale?
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  7. Where Do You Sit On The Spectrum..

    The spectrum goes far, far further that those questions would suggest. They only show relevance for the lesser end of the scale. Yes, they can give an insight to if someone has autistic tendencies but it wouldn't show the extent of their autism. So to name it 'where do you sit on the spectrum' is misleading as it would only indicate if someone was on the spectrum, not how far up it.
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  8. Going off topic but I think its worth it for the clip...

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