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1200 Which 1200 Is The Best And Why ?

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by noobie, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. Throughout the 1200's lifespan there were a few variations, upgrades,models within the range.

    For those who have had them, which 1200 was the best version and why?

    This is more to help future 1200 buyers than anything else, years and variation will help
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  2. This.

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  3. Very nice ...
  4. Yep what he said^^
    Thread closed!
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  5. last model twin spark before DVT. Best skyhook plus most fun engine thats still smooth. Plus last edition means bugs ironed out ;)
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  6. Agree, but the Pikes Peak version, with the red frame and lightweight wheels the last of the proper pp version's, the one above is lovely tho. IMG_1224.JPG
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  7. I'm on my 3rd MTS touring, and they have got better each time. Currently on a 2016 DVT; great engine and smoother than previous models although I personally like the twin 'lumpiness' . Downsides are the standard seat cants the rider forward too much which can be a pain on long rides, the ride height was reduced by around 5-10mm which doesn't sound much but, as I commute into London, it seems that the mirrors are now the same height as more cars/taxis... other than that all good :) You can't really go wrong with any of them... just a great bike.
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  8. Absolutely agree.

    Regret no buying one with very low miles a couple of years back. Still love the 1st gen engine.
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  9. Depends what you want.
    The early bikes are more raw in the way they deliver their power.
    The twinspark is slightly more fuel efficient and smoother at lower revs than the earlier engine.
    They can both suffer from the same problems so not much to choose on reliability stakes.
    The ohlins suspension is more compliant than the gen 1 sky hook.

    The dvt is a more powerful and fuel effecient engine, and smoother power delivery, plus the newer panel configuration hides most of the screws. They do use a bit of oil though (not something the earlier engines suffered from).
    The 2nd gen sky hook is considered by some (most ?) To be as good as the ohlins.
    The Colour display and other S features (including better front brakes) are great if you need or want them, but the Base bike is great too.
    The later switch gear is a nice improvement.
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  10. I'd disagree that DVT is more powerful John, as dyno suggests its less powerful at tip end but more mid range.

    Skyhook was more refined and sifter generally on DVT model compared to TS, and easier to ride but didnt like really pushing on as much (like track pace) and was less adjustable.
  11. Okay, didn't appreciate the dvt dynod at less.
    Yes i agree, the gen 2 sky hook on the dvt is better (more compliant, and not so firm) than that on the t/s.

    I've ridden a few and never really noted a problem pushing on.
    That said, I run the stiffer spring on my 2012 bike, and not ridden a dvt at pace when 2 up and loaded, so I will bow to your greater knowledge ;)
  12. DVT was had a lot more wallow at oulton and donington than the previous model at silverstone and donington ime. But on the road works perfectly when cracking on a bit
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  13. Big mileage muncher without stopping? Multi-enduro 350+ miles per fill up or better (max 404miles).
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  14. I'm still hanging on to my 2010: until Ducati comes out with a replacement that provides the feel and handling of the Öhlins+SCU with the responsiveness of the earlier engines (SS & TS), I don't see myself changing. Maybe the V4…
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  15. Best of all 1200 is the 1200S dvt 2015 onward fitted with the Termigoni exhaust decat with upmap chip. Can be dealer fitted. turned a very nice bike into a tiger in sheeps clothing . Skyhook suspension which is fully adjustable with some fiddling on settings. No lurching & very tractable. 6th gear at 60 mph & pulls like a train. Can chuck a tank slapper on full boar unless you hold the bars tightly. Some may disagree with my statement but i hold fast. Oh & change the tyres as the scorpian 2s are ok but for hard riding you need sports tyres.
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  16. Point of order - you’re MUCH more likely to provoke a tank-slapper by holding on to the bars tightly...
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  17. It’s why he had them ;)
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  18. No comparison from me having ridden a 999 for years.
    The 1200s is a terrific bike, took some getting used to, a bit top heavy at first.
    Pulls like a train, handles like a dream, just covered 2200 miles in France and Spain, no issues.
    Took a bit of time to get the screen right, now happy.
    I love it and so does the wife.
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  19. What did you do with your screen Mike just out of curiosity as still trying to sort that myself? Thanks.
  20. I cut down the original until I was happy, bought a puig sport screen, it works for me.
    Try taking the screen off completely, then have a blast around the block, it will feel like a naked bike, lots of wind on your body but no head bufffeting.
    I came to the conclusion that short will work better than tall for me.
    The puig screen works well, always in the low position.
    Be careful to buy the right one, I have a three hole screen here, bought in error and left it too long to return.
    It is for bikes up to 2015
    I'm 5-11 btw
    Hope that helps
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