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Which Dainese Leather Trousers For Track?

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by fabriciom, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    So recently I started entering the track and I need some track pants that work with my dainese jacket zipper and have knee sliders.

    What do yo guys recommend?
  2. 1 piece suit.
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  3. I already have the jacket so I'm looking for pants+jacket setup.
  4. Go 1 piece. So much more protection if the worse happens.

    It is worth the minimal extra cost. Even if you go for a good S/H suit.
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  5. im sure one piece is the perfect solution.

    But looking at prices a "decent" 1 piece is about 1.000€. Leather pants go for 350-450€.

    I already have a decente jacket (Avro 4) and Im just looking for pants that go with it.
  6. I have a pair of Dianese Misano pants which I've worn on track with a Dainese Fighter jacket.The pants are the usual Dainese quality, fit true to size, and come with knee sliders - although I can't really comment on how well they work!
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  7. One piece in sales or 2nd hand as said before get a decent 2nd hand for 500
  8. Right, so I ended buying a laguna seca 4 one piece size 50.

    Store guys told me is supposed to be very tight. Look around online and ppl say its supposed to be tight. But I'm not sure it it's too tight. With the back protection I sort of have a problem breathing deep.

    I use 52 size for jacket and 50 for pants.
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  9. Can you zip it up? If so it’ll be fine. Wear it a few times and it’ll be fine. Have you ridden in it yet?
  10. Brown ones.
  11. I can zip it up but it's tough to get it going at first.

    I have yet to try it on the bike. It's currently raining and I can't go out for a spin.
  12. One piece suits are supposed to be tight but you'll find it will "give" as you use it.
  13. Last suit I bought I couldn't stand up straight in for ages, walked about like a Neanderthal/teenager.

    Go sit on the bike, it should fit OK sat on the bike.
  14. My older model Laguna Seca 1 piece in a UK40/Eu50 was so tight across my stomach/chest I had to breather in to zip it up, the gap was about 6 inches !

    I tried the new model Laguna Seca in a UK 40/Eu50and you would think it was a size 42/52+ in comparison.
    A couple of Dainese stores told me the newer suit has more room than previous suits.
    I ended up buying separates and to be honest I prefer the feel of the one piece.
    The pants don’t seem to have as much stretch panel around the crotch/top of leg area and they kind of feel as though you need to keep opening your legs. The May stretch a bit with use, hopefully.

    Did you try the size 42 ?
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  15. Have you tried it with a back protector in yet? :astonished:
  16. I tried size 52 Euro and the height did not improve. Problem was that everything else was too lose. I had too much space in the legs and arms. It seem too big in these areas yet the chest wasn't much different than size 50.
  17. Yes I was commenting size and breathing problems with back protection on.
  18. My dainese suit was a bit tight...year 1
    Year 2 and 3 ...fits like a glove - feel like a bitch on track!
    Year 4 ....oppps too many pies, must go to the gym.
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  19. Hi,

    Finally took out the bike out for spin and the size is good. Fills like a glove.

    Did not put the back protection on but Im guessing that even if its tight it should stretch some.

    One negative about the suit. Only has one packet and its the size of a wallet. Cant take your mobile with you...

    Thank you folks for the tips and comments.


    P.S. If you are 174cm tall and about 80k weight. Your size is 50Euro in Dainese for the laguna seca 4 one piece.
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