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White Daivel

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by 900streetfighter, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. 002.jpg
    Not my cuppa but I thought it looked good in white. At Hyside in Collier Row.

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  2. Doesn't float my boat either. Can't really see beyond black if I wanted the Daivel, the bike was conceived as black in my mind.

    A bit like I always think the 748 should be yellow.

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  3. dont care how well they go - really fugly

    each to their own though
  4. Its about time someone stripped all the excess crap off one. Might look good without the pods and nosecone/bar-riser affair, while you're at it get rid of that Harleyish header/exhaust system.
  5. Yeah like the Brivido DB9
  6. large moped !
  7. Talking about a 748 in yellow..anybody fancy one?
  8. That Yam SDR200 in the background looks like a laugh to ride, though.:upyeah:
  9. New addition to the stable
    Posted this in wrong thread, can you please move @El Toro

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