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Who Needs A Multi !

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Derek, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Anyone else seen this?
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  2. That was good,
    A brave man to use that bike and then drill a few hundred holes in the fairings but he did and has been very busy racking up the miles :upyeah:
  3. I guess given it will be worthless, he can do what he likes without worry
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  4. That was great - thanks. I've never thought of a 998 as a Desert Sled before!
  5. That was truly epic and a great inspiration for those thinking about travelling further afield... Right I’m off to get me a tank cutter kit, some high rise bars and a few extra rads! Pani European style:cool:
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  6. Clearly I do, no room for a pillion on there ;)
  7. Excellent. :) :upyeah:
  8. Great vid!
  9. Why all the holes?
  10. Quite awesome, and for a little while inspired me to think of doing similar extreme touring, now unfortunately back in the land of the living!! I really do take my hat off to these kind of brave and resourceful people, way above my pay grade.

    And for Cookster the holes are for heat dispersal.
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  11. I guess he couldnt face drilling his 998 fairings.

    Although haven't seen the film.
  12. Amazing.
  13. 93500k on a 998.....ouch.
    I've asked, but she wont let me go!:mad:
    Respect, top man.
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  14. Those crazy Dutch :grinning:
    If you liked that then I can recommend Nathan Millwards book The Long Ride Home. He travels overland from Sydney to London on a 105cc Honda Post Bike. A cracking holiday read ;)
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  15. Where does his missus sit?
  16. Interesting stuff, I did wonder if he was going to disappear up up his own arse
  17. Can I ask your advice?
    I'm looking at a 1198 that is in race livery, it's never been road registered, in order to put it on the road I could put some lights on it but would like to keep the race look.
    I don't really want to change the fairing.
    Is that possible?
    I have heard you can have a bike for daytime use, is that true?
  18. Yes you can use it on the road with no lights , all you need is a horn and a number plate. Does it have a v5 document??
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