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Why Not A New Paso?

Discussion in 'Ducati Paso' started by Kenneth Lundgren, May 11, 2023.

  1. Think a new Paso with V4 and for two, preferably with panniers. A really good looking Grand Tourismo. That’s what’s missing in their portfolio. A replacement for their missing ST-series.

    Who’s with me?
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  2. Pretty quiet eh!
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  3. The trouble is that the Paso name is associated with a bike that in most people's eyes was a failure and I can't see Ducati resurrecting the name. Apart from that adventure bikes like the Multi seem to seen as the successor to the sportstourer.. I've had both a 907ie and an ST4s so I'm familiar with the idea.. I currently have a Supersport 939 which is as near to a sports tourer as we are likely to get at the current btime.
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  4. Wouldn’t a Supersport 1200 (V4) with hard luggage be a nice development?
  5. For some, yes. I like the relatively light weight and low seat height of the Supersport. The current crop of adventure bikes aka the Multistrada variants, are just too tall and heavy for me these days.
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  6. But the Supersport ain´t for two, I can´t se that as a replacement for Paso or ST-series. But beautiful as it is :blush:
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  7. Make another bike that looks like the Paso?
  8. Yup. I just about manage my Hypermotard and Panigale, whereas the Multi I found a bit much for me in my declining years!
  9. Wouldn't a new one be called the Paso Doble.?

    Thank you....I'll get my coat..;)
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