V4 Width Of The Bike

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  1. Evening - what is the width of the bike, handlebar to handle bar?
    I have an 87cm wide gap, I am hoping it will get through.

  2. The 1199 is 81cm apparently, but the datasheet for the V4 on ducati.com doesn't have the overall width. I'm assuming (hoping) it can't be too much more
  3. Happy to measure one when I’m next in work on Thursday if that will help. Andy
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  4. Cheers Andy!
  5. Do you have one at work?
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  6. One or two. Andy
  7. I thought you had retired? :)
  8. I’m more retired than Steve (@Birdie) as I only do 10am to 3pm on a Thursday. Something for me to look foward to whilst I’m out on the bike touring the great British countryside or enjoying a mid morning coffee in town or having lunch with a few mates or just slobbing around drinking beer and eating snacks. Just don’t know how I make the time :joy: Andy
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  9. Very funny, my retirement consists of similar times to you Andy, only I have 10 am until 3 pm off on Fridays.:D
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  10. anyone manage to help me on this?
  11. I'm sorry I forgot on Thursday but I will be in on Monday so will do it then. Andy
  12. No worries - ta
  13. 840 mirror to mirror
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  15. Thats great thanks guys. Door frame is 87cm so should be ok
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