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Wild Atlantic Way

Discussion in 'Touring' started by carson, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Alright guys,

    We’re planning next years weekend away and fancy a change from the NC500 having done it the past 2 years and the wild Atlantic way has always been in the back of our minds.

    What are the road surfaces like over there? We’re all going to be on sports bikes so not as comfy as the tourer guys.
  2. Very hard going on a sports bike, I could only do 3 days and came home early only doing about half of it sold my bike was in pain for weeks but my shoulders are fucked.

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  3. What was so hard about it on a sports bike mate? I don't have comfort issues on the bike normally or should say haven't ever
  4. 59E309B8-AB6B-45C1-93DB-ED4B2027C753.jpeg Slow speeds uneven narrow roads can be a lot of traffic American drivers on holiday it’s definitely doable but hard work good night life too
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  5. Is it like that most of the way? Those roads look shit for sportsbikes lol
  6. West coast of Ireland roads definitely not for sports bikes. Fuck that. And it rains more over there than the west of Scotland! Double fuck that!! :eek:
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  7. Partly true on the first statement and mostly untrue on the second:). HTH
  8. @carson when and where do you plan to go? As a start you should read this thread if not already done so.
    I posted some route suggestions for Panigale66 in there which may help.

    1. The main roads (N) are fine, on par with the UK, it’s some of the local roads (R) which can be bumpy and thus as Rich says can be hard work on firm suspension set up sports bikes.

    2. You’ll need to use the R roads off the main WAW drag if you really want to see and experience anything.

    3. Factor in more time than you imagine. The WAW is a way of life as much as a road/route, you ought to embrace it and savour it not whizz through it.

    4. As you’re planning a weekend, I presume it’s a long weekend and the ‘weekend’ doesn’t include getting to/from. If your avatar’s correct and you’re based near Glasgow I presume you’ll be travelling to Belfast? If so, and if it’s only a weekend then head north, around the Causeway Coast and into Donegal it’s about all you’ll have time for.

    5. The SW of Ireland is IMO the best part and I can provide detailed routes around those parts. The counties of Ulster are not my strong point (yet) as I need a trip up there myself.

    6. The best time to go is May, June & Sept to miss the crowds, (crowds! LOL. it just doesn’t get crowded here when compared with the UK), and to get the best weather.

    Happy to help out where I can.
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  9. I'm not disrespecting your country mate. I've many fond memories of Ireland and have quite a few friends there. But c'mon, the weather's shite! Where do all the shitty weather fronts sweep in from? The Atlantic. Ireland is geographically challenged when it comes to rain.
  10. No offence taken.
    Yep it can be wet but it’s a myth it rains all the time. We’re just blessed in the very SW of Ireland with a microclimate which laughs in the face of the myth:). On the other hand, in the NW and across NI the weather is quite often shite.
  11. Thanks mate, going to have a look round that thread now.

    We're planning Friday morning - Monday night and yeah we'd be heading down to Stranraer for the ferry about the mid to end of June.
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  12. To be honest my first choice for next years trip would be to Spain as I have a place down there that we can ride to and use a s a base, but the length of time is too much for some of the lads.
    I'm fed up with the UK weather to be honest.
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  13. Judith Chalmers comes out of retirement. :)
  14. I remember doing a job in Belmullet for a few weeks one summer. It was absolutely roasting (it was when Deep Water Horizon shat itself). I was told to take an umbrella.... it wasn't required. It was so hot and dusty on site that tractors were spraying bowsers of water around.... which kinda flies in the face of my previous posts :):upyeah:
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  15. Not sure the roads round the west coast of Ireland are going to be that much fun on a superbike, the more I look into it
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  16. It can rain a lot in Belmullet - you were lucky:)
  17. Not all of them some really fast roads around Leenane but came home after that lol
  18. They'll be on par with the NC500 but IMO it's a long way to go just for 2 days here taking into account it'll be the best part of a day here and back again. I think you'd be better off sticking within NI. Take the coast road from Larne, head up towards the Giant's Causeway, take in the Bushmills distillery, Harry's Shack on the beach at Portstewart, stay somewhere around there and then make your way back via the walled city of Derry (but avoid the Creggan Estate at all costs) through the middle of NI and around Lough Erne.
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  19. The N59? A great road for the most part
  20. N59 and R344:kissing_heart:
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