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Will The 2002 Upwards Swingarm Fit A 1999 900ss Ie?

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by general_piffle, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. Just wondering if the stronger 2002 upwards swingarm would be a fairly straightforward swap into a 1999 900SS ie? Thanks!
  2. Should do, yes
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  3. I am also led to believe it will fit
  4. If you mean this type yes it will. Had one for a while on my old ss, from memory can't say I noticed any benefit and was slightly heavier too. edit (not that straightforward if you don't have all the original fittings)

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  5. Theres the benefit of having a much stronger swingarm. The old alloy ones are not, and prone to crack.
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  6. I struggle to believe any of the claimed failures were the result of normal use but I take your point about it being stronger, for what purpose though? In 28 years I've ridden and crashed my '92 ss and in that 50k miles not a hint of any issue. I strongly suspect the claimed failures were the result of poor ownership not design.
  7. Perhaps you are right, my original swingarm had been repaired at the mount point, where undoubtedly it had been over tightened. As my bike is a money pit, which I intend to keep and is getting more and more modification, I have opted to Metchamex, as its blingy strength will make me very happy:yum, until the next mod o_O. I did consider using the same one as the OP off my 900ssie, but it would be a shame to break it just for that.
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  8. Hmmm, the 2002 upwards swinging arm for the ie was said to be around 40% stronger. I guess that could just be down to more metal then hence the extra weight?!

    Metmachex aren't making swinging arms anymore (since 2017 according to their website). Guess I was toying with the idea of an upgrade for my 1999 bike but from reading some of the replies here it might not be much of an upgrade, stronger but heavier and highly unlikely to crack or fail anyway...
  9. No, Metmachex Engineering aren’t, but Metachex Swingarms are:

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  10. Thanks for the tip Edge_of_Town. Now, brushed or shiny...

    image0.jpeg image1.jpeg
  11. I'm seriously considering it but would probably go for brushed rather than bling. Too much polishing required, prefer the understated. If you do get yours please report back with fitting experience. What year is your SS ie?
  12. I have a 2002 900ie, but its got the beefy swingarm on it.
    I have a special 1993 carby which the Metmachex is for
  13. SHINY................all day SHINY .............
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