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1260 Windscreen Question

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by OoRanoO, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Anyone know if the 2019 Pikes Peak shorty windscreen will fit the 2019 1260S or does anyone know where I can buy a short screen?
    Thanks Peeps
  2. Yes it will fit. Puig sports screen a good alternative
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  3. Thanks Steve
  4. Any Pikes peak from the DVT range will fit (different sized fasteners though)
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  5. I have a 'carbon effect' version of one of these that I'm not using. £40 posted. PM me if you're interested. Will add a photo later today.
  6. Perfect, can you post me a photo and I'll take it from you if ok. Where abouts do you live?
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  7. I have no such issues with the OEM Pikes Peak windscreen.
    How is this motocomposites version different to cause such discomfort?
  8. puig-sports-screen_01.jpg
    The carbon effect is printed on the inside of the screen, where this has rubbed against components behind there's a slight marking. This has been covered with black tape on the inside to mitigate the visual effect and also to protect the screen at that point. You won't notice these unless you look really close, on the bike it'll look like the first pic.

    The screen has a high gloss finish, hard to photograph, the tonal variations in the pic of the whole screen are just reflections of my light tent.

    Last pic is from Puig's website.

    I'm in Ledbruy, Herefordshire. £35 if you're collecting.
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  9. The genuine one has a slot in the screen which seems to help me with the wind blast.
  10. I find the slot makes wind noise .
  11. Got a dp carbon screen for sale if you are interested
  12. How much?
  13. £100 delivered. It does have a small stone chip in the lacquer. It's not bothered me but sure it could be repaired with a bit of time and patience.
  14. Thanks, do you have a photo? Not bothered about a scratch.
  15. Fittings included. You can just see the chip on the top left hand of the photo.
  16. Sorry, can't see the image.
  17. Ok let me try again
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