Winter Bike Storage

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  1. Today I packed my Paul Smart 1000 away for the winter so hoping it will still be perfect next year:
    * Removed the mirrors and packed separately.
    * Drained the petrol.
    * Removed the battery, to be charged separately.
    * Positioned the bike on an Abba stand, with both wheels off the ground.
    * Put it inside a Vac-bag along with a packet of Drisorb granules, and sucked out the air with a vacuum cleaner.

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  2. Very professional:upyeah:
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  3. Weathers supposed to be real good next week:)
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  4. Way too much salt on the roads for me now:(
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  5. Are the roads salty already?
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  6. Still riding in heatwave Zummerset.....soft London types mollycoddling their bikes;)
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  7. Yes, first frosty night this week and they didn’t salt our roads, next night was really mild at 8 deg and they threw it everywhere :mad:
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  8. Looks great Pete
  9. I usually prop mine up against the lamppost with a tarp thrown over, each to their own.
    If you ever decide to sell let me know!
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  10. Come On,You know what the council are like with premature releases of the salt vehicles,but i will get my tongue out later on tarmac and check for you;)
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  11. Philistine;)
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  12. They are freely chucking salt around here too :mad:
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  13. None here ...
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  14. Gutted the salt has gone down so soon - not sure if I should risk riding when the roads are dry - there is still salt everywhere on the line a bike would take.
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  15. Goodness gracious me. If I did that (although I'm envious and it's very professional) I'd run the risk my wife would think it's been bagged to go to the dump and that might be the last I'd see of it :scream:
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  16. Nor here. Yet.
  17. None on the council roads here, yet. But I got into work on Friday to see a road surface that resemble some the bonneville salt flats.
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  18. Our car park at work resembles the salt flats!!!