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Winter Project Finished - Nearly!!

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by MADASL, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. Built a few years ago but recently updated with a new 2 in to 1 system, wiring loom and a few jobs to tidy up under the tank.

    Carbs were stripped, cleaned, serviced and set up whilst we were at it.

    MOT passed - now waiting for the good weather!!

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  2. Like that a lot :upyeah:
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  3. Madasl
    You have anymore photos and is that an indicator on the top edge of the number plate.
  4. Yes to both. Will sort pictures soon. Ta
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  5. Few more pictures.
    900ss-5.jpg 900ss-6.jpg
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  6. I remember my standard 900SS frame being covered in cable ties, etc so good job for getting it neat & 'clean' :upyeah:
    I guess de-lugging it (does anyone say that any more?) would be a next step;)
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  7. where did you get the bar end indicators? what are you using for a rear brake light and finally did you not need mirrors for the mot?
  8. I didn't think of looking for bar end indicators very neat, is the rear seat hump a cover over a dual seat?

    Edit, forgot to ask what size engine 900?
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  9. Who made the 2 into 1 for you, looking for a full system for my hyper. TIA
  10. I have some bar end lights in stock. Rear light it there but quite small. MOT is in my hand so no I guess. Cheers.
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  12. We made it, pm me if you want to discuss. Cheers
  13. You’ve reminded me that I’ve got this stuck in the back of the garage. Must get round to sorting when I get the time.

    2047C5F2-8F5F-47EF-8DA7-57B4AC786361.jpeg 457E2335-30BF-4933-9DAE-EBBB5598812D.jpeg
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  14. hate it when you forget you have another bike somewhere...
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  15. Looks like the day you picked it up, service station photo.
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  16. Absolutely, got it home and running then got distracted by other stuff. I’ve bought loads of bits like new FCR41’s spag exhaust 944 kit etc but not had time to start on it.
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  17. A thread starting soon then :cool:
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