998 Winter Upgrades!

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  1. So it’s been the 2nd winter that I’ve had the pleasure of owning my 998. I actually love this bike and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of modifying! Started life as a std 998, not an S, or an r as I just couldn’t afford them at the time. So, I’ve gone about increasing the spec to my own taste which I think is turning out well. Mods this winter are, full carbon fairing, painted to my take on an r version but to also match the std 998 tank decal, black wheels, new exact start battery leads, new billet corse sprocket flange, nos magnesium clutch casing, new EVR 48t clutch, carbon belt covers, rear hub re zinc plated, Ti bolts to be added and I think that’s it! Roll on next winter:p










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  2. Lovely :heart_eyes: but roll on spring first :thinkingface:
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  3. Where did you get your carbon fairing from mate? They look a good fit.
  4. Very nice work mate... x
  5. Wheels look good but I would have gone for satin instead of gloss....just a personal thing.
    I like the forks, do they fit the standard clamps or are those Ohlins triple clamps?
    You might want to cut your exhaust heat shield to just above the heal plate.
  6. It has been cut and shaped so it fits together without rubbing. As for the wheels, I did toy with satin but the gloss looks mega when you’re stood next to the bike
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  7. Ok you're let off. :grinning::joy::laughing::):)
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  8. Looks lovely mate, very very nice.

    Gloss wheels all the way.
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  9. Speed carbon in Italy. Took a little fettling but nothing major, I’m quite happy with them really!
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