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Worcestershire - This Saturday Am

Discussion in 'Rideouts & Events' started by Count Dukeula, Apr 6, 2023.

  1. A quick note, I'll be heading out. I like my groups to be small and nimble. Plan is to get to some twisties in Wales, A44 route in. It won't be all that fast, so ride for yourself. Usual caveats, no dicks.
  2. Not that I can but start point for those that can? Hope you have clear roads and warm temperatures.
  3. Good shout. I'm from Evesham, so I'll be starting there. The a44 straight through Leominster, and beyond.

    I've been known to make it to Aber-wrist-watch and back.

    Time - earlier the better,
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  4. There'll be 16 of us out on Saturday, big 180 mile loop up to Ironbridge, we may cross paths:upyeah:
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  5. Not a fan of Ironbridge town, used to stop at a little Coffee shop just before you reach the Coalport bridge. Closed down now so we don’t return from Wales through Ironbridge any longer, we cross at Coalport having ridden through Broseley from Much Wenlock.
  6. That's the meetup group I believe.

    I'll be on the red Ducati.
  7. Will be leading on white 1260 Multistrada, there'll be a 996 and a V4 Multistrada in the mix too.
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  8. No dicks ? If I leave my dick at home, what am I going to use to take a piss when out on the ride ?

    Shame I missed this post , otherwise I would love to have joined you guys on my white v4s

    Next time hopefully …………( only if I am allowed to bring my dick )
  9. I posted on meetup. I met you on the eastnor road, I was waiting behind a horse.
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  10. Hopefully I/we waved? Loose count and sometimes too much going on to reciprocate/initiate. We had a fabulous ride except that Shobdon airfield had run out of cake :confused:





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  11. I had the obligatory biker nod/wave

    Looks like a good day. Some nice locations. I drove a fuel tanker over the runway at shobdon.

    I prefer to be on the move when I'm out on the Ducati. I tend to find in large groups in that guy that buggers off. I have mixed response ls to my rideouts. Some can't stand not stopping for 80 miles. Others welcome it with open arms.
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  12. There is just my mate and me or sometimes my Son and me, we ride fuel stop ride. Site seeing is for the tourists for me, but each to their own.

    It’s been over 20 years since I’ve ridden in a large group and I’ll not ever be repeating the torture of it.
  13. 14 bikes and the drop-off-system, works surprisingly well. Fluid group navigation with only the point man needing to know the route. Eneryone else, with the possible exception of the tail end Charlie, rides at their own pace. Did it once with a group of 43, a few sceptics amongst them who came and thanked me for a great day at the end.

    Each to their own though, I get the solo or small group of mates thing too. Three of us going to Cologne in June.
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  14. I am in redditch and want to get out on the road bike more this year so will join you when your out that way again
  15. Old thread of mine. Message me mr Redditch if you’re feeling the urge to ride out
  16. No longer running the meetup group, not enough time last year to do it justice so handed it over to someone else to run. Still join them on a ride occasionally but now either doing my own thing or riding in a small group. Started a local forum(Gloucestershire and surrounding counties basically) and run a ride from that every now and again. Traction slow with that but giving it time.
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