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World Ducati Week - 2022

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Mark - Ducati Bournemouth, Jun 23, 2022.

  1. Hi All

    Myself and some colleagues are attending an event with Ducati in Bologna followed by a day at WDW on Friday 22nd July, it'll be my first time there and looking forward to it!

    Anybody else going and any tips to getting the most out of the day?


  2. Having been to WDW three times already, I would say first off, avoid the hottest part of the day if at all possible, it can get unbearably warm if you are riding to and from the track each day, especially if you don't succumb to a t-shirt, flip flops and shorts as most of the Italians will be wearing on their bikes. You can pretty much comfortably see all there is to see there in a day. If they are running their 'Curve E Tornati' ride-outs then take the chance to go on one, as they involve some great routes up in the mountains with a stop for lunch thrown in. Aside from the usual rider appearances, paddock walkabouts, track action and club events and the evening concerts, I always found it better to dip in and out of the event and the odd soak in the pool back at the hotel before heading back in for late afternoon. The one must do event for me has always been the "Parata" which is a mass ride out on the first night, starting out on the Misano track then onto the streets through Riccione and Cattolica usually ending up at the Water Park towards Rimini. It's bonkers but a lot of fun. I ended up at an Egyptian themed beach party one year hosted by Frankie Chilli and his wife. Brilliant fun. Wish I was going again this year, but definitely plan on visiting again in 2024.
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  3. I'm with Topolino on that. After 2 days I was Ducati'd out and spent the third day riding in the mountains.

    I did the Parata on a Panigale and tbh I did get a tad warm; great fun though.
  4. I’m going for a day with a mate, but we’re going to drop the bikes off at our Airbnb in the morning, and walk in, as we’re not that far. We’ve booked 3 days as I had a free pass, but tbh we’ll probably just go for a day, maybe pop back in the following morning for a bit, before we go to Rossi’s museum down the road.

    I’m not interested in walking around in my gear all day, or a ride out with hundreds of other bikes, but it’ll be fun to watch. With a cold beer!
  5. I’m going but not on my bike :)

    Staying in a hotel in Cattolica :)
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